Dec 26, 2015

What everyone ought to know about IBS

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"Oh no?!  ANOTHER holiday party with rich foods and lots of it."  This is how a loved one of mine has to to live.  Not just around the holidays, but always.  (I have not mentioned this person's name because I was asked not to.)  I have talked to this loved one about it and it can be a hard way to live.  This person has stomach problems if they eat anything that is too rich or too "heavy".  

Every time I cook for this person I have to think what things can I take out to help this person be more comfortable.  I also have to plan the menu around them in order to be more comfortable.  I used to not do this for them, but then when I would hear about the repercussions of eating the foods that upset their stomach I decided it would be better to plan around them. 

So what is the best thing to do?  What is something that will help this person the very most?  It is talking to a doctor about what they can do to help the symptoms become better.  It is to seek for help to live with this better than you can without help.  This loved one of mine has not yet met with a doctor.  They are too embarrassed and do NOT like to talk about it.  

It can be so embarrassing that when I was thinking about writing this post I almost got too embarrassed to write it.  However, I thought about it for quite some time and thought about why I started this blog.  This blog was started to help inspire and educate people.  This post is here to educate my readers that there is help for IBS sufferers and it it best to seek that help. 

The holidays tend to be a time where we all overindulge and you might be more aware of how your stomach is actually feeling.  However, for nearly 35 MILLION Americans who suffer from IBS, those feelings are something they feel all year long.  If you are experiencing what I am talking about above then look at some of the findings below.  There was a recent survey conducted and these were some of the findings.  
The "IBS in America" survey found that 67% (a majority) of those that responded to the survey reported experiencing abdominal and bowel symptoms for more than one year before talking to a doctor.  The next statistic is even more shocking.  11% wait a decade or MORE!  

85% have discussed IBS with someone as well as talking to a doctor.  59% of those that responded reported receiving advice from loved ones, not doctors.  Additionally, 90% report following this advice.  I too think it is time to replace speculation with science.  

This survey has found that IBS obviously causes physical issues.  It also affects social life because IBS sufferers have to constantly watch what kind of social events they go to because it could possibily make their IBS worse.  It also can affect their emotional well being because they do not like to talk about it.

This survey has inspired me to talk to my loved one and ask them to go seek professional help.  Why live your life in a miserable state when, like the statistic right above says that, two-thirds of those who've spoken to a doctor are somewhat to very satisfied with their care.  The odds are in your favor.  Life needs to be enjoyed and so hopefully my loved one will go seek medical help very soon.

Also, please share your own stories at #IBSinAmerica!  

While all experiences and opinions are my own, this post is sponsored by the American Gastroenterological Association (AGA), which commissioned the “IBS in America” survey, the most comprehensive IBS survey of both patients and physicians ever conducted, polling more than 3,200 sufferers and 300 physicians to better understand this condition, with the financial support of Ironwood Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Allergan plc. For full survey results, visit

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