40 Ways to Slash Spending…NOW!

40 Ways to Slash Spending…NOW!, massages, babysitting, Groupon


-The library is our best friend.  We go to Discovery Time every week.  My little girl loves it!  They have so many different activities going on all year long; not just for kids, but adults too.  Right now they have a fun reading program going on for the kids.  Hannelore has loved getting prizes along the way for reading.  They also have great movies to rent, even for me.  I know there is Redbox as a cheap option, but these are FREE and you can keep them for a WEEK!  They also have great learning toys.  That way you can bring them back once your kids are sick of them.  Instead of buying them a toy and a couple weeks later they want nothing to do with it.

-Massages: Call your local spas and ask about special pricing.  Some spas will have lower prices before a certain time.  Also, if they have a mailing list (snail mail or email) get on it and they will send you specials whenever they run them. 

-Try going to a local high school sporting event or a local theater.  These are great cheaper options.

-Swap babysitting/dog sitting with other couples that have kids or dogs.

-Utilize Groupon and Living Social.  There are always so many fun activities on there.    

-Get outside.  Enjoy the beauty around you.  Go on a hike, go on a bike ride, watch the sunset or rise, or if there is snow go snow shoeing.  There are lots of options.

-Get online and search for free events in your city.  Here in Ogden, Utah there are so many things going on year round, but especially in the summer.  There is “Monday Night at the Movies”, Historic 25th Street Farmer’s and Art Market, concerts, festivals, and much more! 

-Go to FactoryToursUSA.com for listings of different tours your state has to offer.  Many of these tours are free.  Also, if you are traveling this is a great resource to see if there are tours around where you are traveling to.

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