6 Categories of Girlfriend Gifts

6 Categories of Girlfriend Gifts

This post contains some affiliate links, which means if you purchase items using the links then I will be paid a small commission.  However, every item I talk about in this post I truly love and either have for myself or want it for myself.

1. Clothing:  Every women loves clothes.  As moms especially we can forget to spoil ourselves because we are constantly thinking about our kids.  Many times moms don't buy new clothes for themselves.  So buying your friend a new piece of clothing can mean a lot to them.

Dress with Pockets & Belt

Short Sleeve Double Hem Tunic /Small-XL

The Perfect Spring Cardigan!

Skirt Extenders / Sizes S-3XL
I have a couple of these and I have a lot of friends that want them.  So they make great gifts.

2.  Accessories: These can complete an outfit.  They can make your girlfriend feel so much more confident about what she is wearing.  There are many types of accessories.  Find out what your friends favorite accessory is and go from there.  Accessories can include: necklaces, shoes, scarves, totes/purses, earrings, rings, bracelets, and hair ties.

Back Studded Sandals / 4 Colors
Back Studded Sandals / 4 Colors - $14.99

These super cute sandals feature a thong toe front with back studded look.Details: Side adjustable buckle. They come in: black, white, chestnut (tan) and leopard (with red back). This style runs true to size!

All the Fringe Pendant Necklaces
All the Fringe Pendant Necklaces - $7.99

Haddy:Leather beaded necklace. Comes with 1/2 bead fish hook earrings. Karen: Aztec fringe pendant necklace. Comes with matching 1/2 oval stud earrings. Nellie: Long antique gold chain necklace with a jewel pendant that has a fringe accent.Also comes with

Fashion Wallets / 7 Styles! Clearance!
Fashion Wallets / 7 Styles! Clearance! - $5.99

A wallet should be both stylish and functional.These totally get it right with their textured faux leather make.Their interior has room for extra cards, cash, and even your phone.Secure with its one gold-tone zipper closure.Cute, trendy and stylish all in

Stackable Rings / 13 Styles
Stackable Rings / 13 Styles - $2.99

Grab some rings, stack a few or wear one on it's own. These are the perfect little finishing details for your look.Our favorite combo is a stack of silver, gold & rose gold chevron rings all together!Mix & match your favorites for endless combinations.Opt

3.  Home Decor:  This category is so fun, but you want to make sure you know your girlfriend.  Does she stick to one color?  What is the style in her home decor?  What does she "need" for her home?  All these things can help pick the perfect gift in the home decor category.  The great thing about this category is that you can often hand make items and that would also bring in a sentimental factor to the gift as well.

Large Custom Mr. & Mrs. Canvas / 22 x 36

Huge Variety of Lumbar Pillow Covers

Centerpiece Box With 'Blessed' Script On Reclaimed Wood
Fill it with something beautiful that your friend would love.

4.  Beauty supplies: Do you know when you find a hair or makeup product that you fall in love with and you want to share it with the whole world?  The type of product that has changed your life or at least made it easier.  Those are the type of products that you want to buy your friend and share with her.  Just make sure that it is something that she loves too.  For instance, if you fall in love with an eye shadow, but your friend really doesn't wear eye shadow and is more of a lipstick girl then maybe eye shadow is not the right thing to buy her. 

Professional Makeup Brush Kit / 20 Pieces!
Professional Makeup Brush Kit / 20 Pieces!

Pair with your favorite makeup item.

5.  Things to make her life easier: A few years ago I bought myself a fantastic weekly planner.  It was wonderful and all my friends were asking where I got it.  Something like that would make a great gift for your girlfriends.  Women in general run all over the place trying to do way too many things at once.  Why not get something that you have found to make your life easier and share it with her?

Flat Iron/Curling Iron Heat Pad Wrap
Flat Iron/Curling Iron Heat Pad Wrap - $4.99

This mat offers immediate protection for temperatures up to 480 degrees fahrenheit.You can also use the pad to roll up your iron so you can pack it away for storage!Problem: Hot irons can cause major damage to counter tops and other surfaces.Heat resistan

Removable Large Chalkboard Wall Decal / Clearance!
Removable Large Chalkboard Wall Decal / Clearance! - $5.49

If the writing was onthe wall, you'd never forget your date night, or the milk, or your kids. Toss the sticky notes aside and stay organized in style with these chalkboard wall decals in 2 awesome styles. Get one for each room of the house, as this inst

Ultimate Boot Shapers / 2 Pack
Ultimate Boot Shapers / 2 Pack - $5.99

Get organized in 2016 & keep your boots looking new with the ultimate boot shapers. These amazing & simple designed boot supports will with almost any style boot. You will no longer have those awful creases and lines in your boots from storing them in the

8000MAH Powerbank with LED Screen and Flashlight
8000MAH Powerbank with LED Screen and Flashlight - $17.99

Never leave home without this portable and powerful powerbank with 8000MAH.Compatible with all smathphones and tabletsIncludes 1 MIcro USB cableHigh capacity to charge any of your devicesCharges iPhone 6s four times!Portable and convenientLong cycle lifeL

6.  Items to help her relax:  Once again many women don't take the time to relax.  Women will go, go, go until they crash.  If you give her something that will help her relax then she might take the time to do so.  This could include a massage, manicure, or pedicure.  This could also include a girls day where you go and get a massage/pedicure/manicure together. 

Trendy Scissor Mugs
Pair this with her favorite drink and it would make a perfect gift.

There you have it.  This list should help take the guess work out of what you will buy your friend for her birthday (or other occasions).  I hope it can inspire you to find something that is the perfect gift for a special women in your life.

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