Budget Friendly Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

This post contains some affiliate links, which means if you purchase the items using some of the links then I will be paid a small commission.  However, every item I talk about in this post I truly love and use often. 

1.  Gather your items. 
2.  I started first with wrapping the kitchen towels around a full toilet paper roll.  You can wrap anywhere from 2-3 kitchen towels around it.  (You will need to fold the towel to be close to the width of the toilet paper roll before wrapping).  This will be your bottom layer.  

kitchen, towels, toilet paper roll, tulle

3.  To hold it together you will tie a bow around it with the tulle.  

kitchen, towels, tulle, toilet paper

4.  Next you will do the exact same thing but with the kitchen dish clothes.  This time you will want to do it with the toilet paper roll only about half full.  I used 3 kitchen dish clothes on this layer.  Again, tie it together with tulle.  

5.  After you have the two rolls done then you can assemble the "cake". 

6.  Place the bowl upside down on a large cutting board.  Next place a medium sized cutting board on top of the upside down bowl.  Then place your "kitchen towel roll" on the cutting board.  Right on top of that layer you will place the "kitchen dish cloth roll".  

7.  Lastly, embellish the cake.   Start by putting cookie cutters under the tulle on the "kitchen towel layer".  Stick some of the kitchen utensils between where the kitchen towels are wrapped around the whole roll.  To top it off stick some more kitchen utensils through the toilet paper rolls on top.  Also stick tulle in the top of it to help cover up the toilet paper rolls.  Then your done!  

These are both budget friendly.  You can embellish less/more on the "cake" to stay within your budget.  Another idea with the cake is to take out the bowl completely and only use one cutting board.  You can change what recipe you give to the bride-to-be to stay within your budget as well.  

What are some of your favorite gifts to give at bridal showers?

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