Deco Mesh and Burlap Wreath

Steps to make this wreath:

1.  You will first cut pieces of the of the deco mesh (I did around 9 doesn't have to be exact or even straight).  After you have a bunch of them cut then tightly roll 3-4 (alternate between 3 and 4) of those 9 inch pieces and put them in a bunch by pinching the middle.  See picture below.  


2.  To secure the bunches you will need to twist your wire around the bunch to hold it in place.  I cut each wire piece about 12 inches.  That way you have plenty of wire to attach the bunch to the wreath form.

wire, wire cutters

3.  Once you have at least 6 bunches each (6 of 3 spirals and 6 of 4 spirals) then start placing them on the wreath form.  As you can see below I wrapped the wire around quite a few times on each of the wire "bars" on the wreath.  This helps secure the bunches in place.  

wire, wire cutters

4.  Make sure you alternate between a 3 bunch and a 4 bunch.  Until you get the desired look.  You do not want it too full or else the mesh will start to fill in wherever it can go and you do not want it going to the middle too much because that is where the cute flowers are going to be.

5.  Next cut 1 inch pieces of the black fabric.  Then start wrapping the black fabric around the whole wreath form.  You will have to wrap around the wires, but it is not difficult.  Once you get to the end of each of the one inch strips hot glue the end to the itself (part of the already attached black fabric).  Then start the next one inch piece by hot gluing the beginning as well, right were the other strip left off.  When you are finished it will look like the picture below. 

black fabric, hot glue

6.  Next make flowers with the 2 coordinating burlap colors (one is patterned the other is not).  Instead of creating my own tutorial on how to make these cute flowers I will just provide a link to a blogger that I think does a phenomenal job explaining it.  I made 4 flowers of each of the burlap designs.  Click here for link to flower tutorial.  

burlap flowers, hot glue

7.  Attach the flowers around the wreath by hot gluing the backs to the black fabric, leaving a small area bare.  See picture below.

Burlap flowers, hot glue

8.  Next cut two 12 inch pieces of the decorative burlap ribbon.  Make sure to flag one end of each of the strips. 

decorative burlap ribbon

9.  Attach of the strips to the wreath with hot glue by folding over part of the top of each of the strips. 

decorative burlap ribbon, hot glue

10.  Lastly, tie a bow with the coordinating ribbon and attach it with hot glue.  

ribbon, hot glue, bow

What do you think?  Do you love it as much as I do?  My future sister-in-law loved it and so did my brother.  So I think it is a win-win.  Now they will have something for their front door that they both love!
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