Gender Neutral Nursery Reveal

2.  The massive picture above her crib.  

I love the picture hanging above her crib.  It is the perfect size and I love looking at her sweet face so why not blow it up.  She is also vain and loves pictures of herself *wink*  It is so easy and inexpensive too.  All I did was send in my picture to Staples and order an Engineer print.  (you can only do black and white though. Sorry if you wanted color)  I did the biggest size they do (3 feet by 4 feet).  Then I went to Hobby Lobby and had them mount it on foam board.  I called Joann, Micheals, and Hobby Lobby and the Hob Lob was the cheapest.  I do not mind.  Any excuse to visit that store is fine by me.  That is all, my friends.  Send in your pic to Staples, pick it up, run to Hobby Lobby to get it mounted and you will walk away happy.  

3.  The you are loved sign.

This was made back before Hannelore was born.  I saw it online somewhere and my absolutely wonderful husband made it for me.  I love it and it makes me happy every time I look at it. It was very quick to make.  He mounted the boards that you see to a few boards in back and then traced the words on the boards using a projector (yes like the ones that teachers used back when we were going to school).  Then he sanded the paint down to get it to bleed and look older.  Very quick and easy.

4.  The closet storage.

I have to give all credit to my dad and husband on this one.  I came up with the design of it, but they did all the work.  Oh and I better mention how I royally screwed up the dimensions when I gave them to my dad.  I honestly must have lost my mind when I measured, because let me tell you I was WAY off.   Lets just say remember you will have boards between your drawer organizers...need I say more.  I am too embarrassed to talk about it.  However, I love it and I am grateful that my dad did a ton of work making a storage shelf for me to slip right into the closet and then it didn't because yours truly can't measure (only every once in awhile) and then my husband had to hack it apart and basically rebuild it to make it fit.  hahaha.  I laugh now, but I was quite upset when it happened.  It is so wonderful to have the storage space in the closet and it makes the closet way more functional and organized and therefore clean, which I like.

5.  The "You Are My Sunshine" signs.

These were super fast too.  I got the frames from Wood Creations and Pick Your Plum.  I painted them the bright yellow and then printed the printables off (print them HERE) and stuck them in the frames.  I love them and my little princess loves to point to the words and have me sing to her.  So it works out for everyone.

Before pics:

Do you like my choice of window treatments?


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