Happy Through Trials: Lessons She Learned From Infertility

Happy Through Trials: Lessons She Learned From Infertility
Our little Miracle is now almost five! I just passed the 10 year mark for us starting to 'try' to have children. My sweet husband wants us to have more children so Kaylee is not an only child. We both have always wanted more than one child. Kaylee would love a brother or sister and she asks me all the time when I'm going to have another baby. My family and friends pray for us to have another baby. We have so much love and support. With time I have come to realize...I am completely fulfilled with just having Kaylee. I also feel like I need to keep my promise I made to my Heavenly Father. I said I would be happy with one... I have been thinking a lot about Abraham's story in Bible. As I have been studying it I have found so much comfort...

Happy Through Trials: Lessons She Learned From Infertility
First let's talk about his wife Sarah. She is said to be a great example of womanhood, faith, and righteousness. Sarah gave birth to Isaac at age 90... I know that by all usual standards this is not possible... but through the intervention of God, she conceived and bore a son. Peter also suggests that righteous women can be called the daughters of Sarah ( 1 Peter 3:1-6 especially V.6). Sarah only had one child and I hope to be like her... to be known for my faith and righteousness.

Then there is Abraham. It says that GOD DID TEMPT ABRAHAM (Genesis 22:1) “Tempt” in the King Jame's version of the Bible, comes from the Hebrew word 'nissah' which means “to test, try, or prove,”

Why did the Lord ask such things of Abraham?

God knew what his future would be... and knew that he would be the father of an innumerable posterity. God knew he could test Abraham because he knew Abraham's heart. God's purpose was to impress upon Abraham a lesson... He wanted to enable him to attain unto knowledge... that he could not obtain in any other way. That is why God tries all of us....so we can obtain knowledge. He knows all our lives and everything we will do. But he tries us for our own good, that we may know ourselves; for it is most important that a man should know himself.

“He required Abraham to submit to this trial because He intended to give him glory, exaltation and honor; He intended to make him a king and a priest, to share the glory, power and dominion which He exercised.” (George Q. Cannon, Gospel Truth, 1:113.)

I am thankful I have not been tested or tried like Abraham. I had someone ask me if I would change the past and all that I have gone through to try to have a child. I pondered on it for a few minutes and my answer is NO...I would not change it. I am so thankful for all I have been through. I know that I have gone through these things for a reason. A good reason. Not because I'm being punished for my sins sort of thing...but because the Lord loves me like Abraham and Sarah. He is teaching me all that I need to know to return to live with Him again. He is teaching me out of love. God loves us so much and wants us to return to Him.

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