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When I thought of what I wanted my command center to contain I had a million thoughts.  I knew I had to narrow it down because I didn't want it to be too cluttered and crazy.  There are so many things that I have to keep at the top of my mind that I didn't know what to include.  I didn't know how to consolidate it. 

I knew I wanted clipboards.  That way I can easily switch out things if one thing is not working.  I like the look of clipboards too so that helped.  However, I still had a mountain of ideas on what I wanted included in my command center.  

I decided to think of what I want most of my command center.  I wanted a place to gather my thoughts.  I wanted a place to direct my family when they need guidance.  I wanted one place to find out what was scheduled and what needed to be done.  I also wanted to include our family goals in our command center. 

If you are wanting to make a command center for yourself I encourage you to brainstorm what you want out of your command center.  Then start writing your ideas down.  After you have your massive list (if you are like me), try to consolidate them as much as possible or see if you can streamline certain things. 

Here are the first things I wanted in my command center:

  1. A calendar - I am not talking about our detailed calendar.  I am talking about a desktop type calendar.  One that I can quickly look at the dates.  If I forget what the date is then one I can look at to reference quickly and easily.  One that if someone mentions a date I can know what day of the week they are talking about.  This is just a quick reference calendar.  Our detailed calendar is on Google Calendars and is synced between my husband and me. 
    Have a Command Center You Can Be Proud Of - Positive Vibes
  2. Quote - If you know me you know I LOVE quotes.  I used to do a quote of the month with a free printable on the blog.  I need to look into bringing that back!  Anyways, I like to have positive vibes in my home.  I think words are really powerful.  So I like having a clipboard with a quote on it.  It is so simple to switch out too.
    Have a Command Center You Can Be Proud Of - Positive Vibes
  3. Will You Lay With Me? - How many of you have kids that ask you to lay with them on a weekly or even daily basis?  Ok.  So here is the thing.  I have mixed feelings about this.  I am exhausted at the end of the day and just really want my own space.  However, I fully realize that this is a passing phase.  Pretty soon they won't want me to lay with them.  They might not even want me in the same room as them.  I love bonding with my girls and so my heart gets torn.  So I came up with this chart.  We have it easy because we only have 2 kids.  So I get this might not work for everyone.  It works fantastic for us though.  We each lay with the girls one time a week.  Hannelore can look at the chart that week and know when the time is coming so she doesn't ask us every night.  I love the way it works. 
    Have a Command Center You Can Be Proud Of
  4. Family Values - This year we focused on a value each month.  We did it after I heard about the book "Teaching your Children Values".  Seriously, it has been life changing.  We used to have family values that were sentences.  However, I simplified them to match what we focus on each month.  We have 12 and I feel they are all encompassing. 
  5. Family Cheer - I wanted to do a completely cheesy family cheer, but my husband put his foot down and said he would have no part in it.  So I decided to come up with a cheer/mantra.  It might change, but right now my oldest struggles with always being kind to her sister.  On top of that she is bit of a nervous child.  So I love the quote from Cinderella, "Have courage and be kind".  
This completes one column of our command center.  It has helped remind us of our family goals, but also helped with nighttime meltdowns.  It has been a space of inspiration and a place to help me know what day it is (that might sound funny, but its a daily struggle).

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Karalee said...

I love the lay with me clipboard. My son is endlessly asking for snuggles. Im with you and try to remember it wont last forever, but its hard when you want some "me" time!

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