Have a Command Center You Can Be Proud Of - Home Management

I needed a functional command center.  It needed to help me keep my brain inside of my head.  Not missing like I feel it is so many times.  The middle section of my command center is where a bulk of my sanity savers are.  It is the row of clipboards that get used the very most.  

Therefore they are the biggest clipboards.  They each hold a bunch of information.  So I thought the biggest clipboards made the most sense.  Each of these get removed from their hooks at least once a day, sometimes multiple times a day.  

These are the ones that my command center would not function properly if I didn't have.  As you are thinking of what things YOU want in YOUR command center then remember to make them function the best for you.  

Here are my must haves on my command center:

1.  Menu - I have talked about this before, but I plan my menu out a month a time.  I will start by saying that I don't really like the day that I plan it all, but I LOVE HAVING IT PLANNED after it is done.  I utilize it so much that my daughter sees me do it.  Funny story: Over Christmas break my husband said, "What should we have for breakfast?" to my daughter and she said, "Well look at that top clipboard. (while pointing at the clipboard)  That is what we are supposed to have."  It was funny and also made me realize just how much she is watching me.  I like it because I never have to wonder if I have the food for what I have planned because it is all ready to go and planned accordingly.  And yes I plan my breakfast, lunches, and dinners.  I am crazy, but I love how it takes the stress out of wondering what we have in our fridge or pantry.

2.  Daily Schedule - I have tried to do a daily schedule so many different ways.  I have tried just writing in what HAS to be done (school, church, appointments, lessons, etc.) and then having blanks in my schedule to fill in with housework or other to do list items.  I actually love this way of doing it, but it doesn't work for me.  I have to make sure that I help Hannelore do all the things she needs to do and I have to make sure Isla gets attention.  So scheduling each of us out in 15 minute to 30 minute increments is what works for us.  I try to get things done faster so we have more play time, but if not then it is ok.

3.  Next Actions List - This list is a time saver.  I learned about it from April Perry from Power of Moms.  It is such a great way to split up your to do list.  It is a way to get things done in small and simple steps.  It takes the overwhelming feelings away from many big projects. 

4.  Chore Chart - This chore chart is new to us.  It used to be on our fridge and that worked for us too.  But since I was devoting a whole wall to be a command center I decided that one of the clipboards should be a chore chart.  I split it up in 3 sections: "Morning", "Afternoon", and "Evening".  This way Hannelore knows that the top section needs to be done before school.  The middle section is after school, but before dinner.  Then the bottom section is right before bedtime.  It has worked great for us so far.  The chore square is attached with Velcro and can be changed daily.
Have a Command Center You Can Be Proud Of - Home Management

5.  Things we are working on - This one will change.  This one will be whatever we are working on at that moment.  Right now it is sight words.  I also see this turning into Isla's chore chart when the time comes where she can have her own.
Have a Command Center You Can Be Proud Of - Home Management

Right now these all work fantastic for us.  Like I said we use these clipboards so much.  When my kids have homework or things that need to be addressed we might have to switch some things around.  We will have to see.  But at this moment I couldn't ask it to go more smoothly for us.

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