Have a Necklace You Can Be Proud Of

Have a Necklace You Can Be Proud OfFirst is, "you are loved, always".  If you have been a reader of my blog for long you know that I have a HUGE board in my daughters' room that says this quote on it.  My husband and I made it before our first daughter was born because we wanted her to have the constant reminder that she is loved.  It is no different with our second daughter.  We love them with every fiber of our souls and we want them to know that.
Have a Necklace You Can Be Proud Of
Some nights I go to bed and feel like I have failed as a mom and failed at showing my daughters how much I love them.  Maybe because I lost my patience one too many times.  Maybe because I just wanted some time to do what I wanted to do that day not play princess 1,000 times.  Maybe because I didn't really fully engage with them.  

There are so many ways to show love to our kids.
  • You can tell them you love them.
  • You can dish out many kisses and hugs.
  • You can buy them little surprises to show you are thinking about them.
  • You can make them breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 
BUT, I have found one thing that works better than any of these things and I dare say any of these things combined.  That is to spend one-on-one time with each of your kids daily.  I have researched this single way of showing kids love for a long time.  I have read that the younger the kids are the more time they need.  So my husband and I have found that 10 minutes twice a day for our girls works wonders.  (Once they are 8+ years old we might reduce it to 10 minutes once a day.  Also, a timer works great for younger kids as well.)
Have a Necklace You Can Be Proud Of
During this time we do whatever it is that our daughters want to do.  They get to pick the activity and we zip our lips.  Then we put our cell phones, computers, and TVs away and spend time completely in their world.  They LOVE it.  Our Hannelore reminds us everyday that we need to have "Hannelore/Daddy time" or "Hannelore/Mommy time".  BONUS: She seriously has had less tantrums since we started doing this.  Her love tank is full and she has the attention she needs to thrive.  I love it because I know that she is being shown immense love each day.

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