The Ultimate Guide to Visiting Disneyland on a Budget

This post contains some affiliate links, which means if you purchase items using the links then I will be paid a small commission.  I have to remind you that I would not recommend ANYTHING that I do not love. 

For my daughter's birthday we are giving her a trip to Disneyland.  She has been asking for over a year when we can go.  I am so excited to tell her we are going.  The only bad part it isn't until April!  I can barely stand to wait. 

This book has helped me so much with my Disneyland plan.  It seriously is a must read if you are planning on going to Disneyland.  I have already told you the basics, but here are something things I have decided to do because I read this book.  
  • Buy souvenirs beforehand and have a surprise souvenir every day we are there.  (P.S. She even tells you about special FREE souvenirs in her book)
  • For my daughter's gift that she will open to let her know we will be going to Disneyland I am going to get one of the FREE vacation planning DVD's.  
  • We will be riding Peter Pan's Flight first at Disneyland and Toy Story Midway Mania at California Adventure.  (Side note: My husband and I went to Disneyland on our Honeymoon and we lost our camera on this ride.  We were devastated and kept going back to the ride to see if anyone turned it in.  By some miracle someone did.  There are good people at Disneyland!)
  • We will be eating breakfast before we get to the parks.  Then eating a prepacked lunch.  Then having dinner at the park.  We also will be sharing different treats from Disneyland. 
  • We will be at Disneyland for 3 days.  For dinner we will be trying Redd Rockett's Pizza Port, The Golden Horseshoe, and Pluto's Dog House (or maybe Hungry Bear Restaurant-depending on where we are at in the park) for our three dinners that we are there. 
I have 3 pages of notes from the book itself.  That doesn't even count the bonus content that is provided for buying the book!  Seriously this book is amazing and I can't wait to try everything that was recommended!  

Get your own copy for your next trip!  This book would also make a great Christmas present for anyone planning on going to Disneyland in 2017! 

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