Apr 14, 2015

Budget Friendly Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

recipe, taco soup

It's bridal shower season and with that comes stress because shower gifts can cost a lot of money.  I always want my present to be thoughtful, but I also don't have a tree that grows money...yet.  So I have to come up with ways to have the gift be thoughtful, yet budget friendly.

Do you remember my post about the Kitchen/Recipe themed bridal shower?  These are two great gift ideas for a kitchen themed shower or any bridal shower for that matter.  The best part is they are both budget friendly and thoughtful.  

recipe, kitchen, taco soup

The first one is for a recipe gift.  I gave the bride-to-be the recipe for Taco Soup.  Then I gave her all the ingredients that she would need for it.  Since I did not want to include the ground beef because I did not want it to go bad I included a gift card so she could go buy anything that would go bad at a later time.  

To make the presentation more fun and cute I put all the ingredients in a mixing bowl and added tissue paper in and around the ingredients.  For the card I used a Project Life card.  Those make perfect cards for any occasion! 

You could give this gift and include any recipe that is your favorite.  I like to give gifts like this to stock up the couple's pantry and kitchen with food.  Also, to provide them with a recipe so they can have food and ideas for what to make for dinner as soon as they get back from their honeymoon.  

kitchen, towels, dish clothes, wooden spoon, whisk

The second idea is a fun way to present everyday kitchen items.  Before you think it is too hard let me tell you this took me less than 15 minutes to put together.  Let me break it down for you and you will see how simple it is!


Sydney Andersen said...

These are both such cute ideas!! They would be fun for a housewarming gift too. Thanks for sharing!

Dreamlines Wedding Dress Sketch said...

Love it! Will make a perfect centerpiece for the gift table!

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