Jul 9, 2014

Book Review: Tiy and the Prince of Egypt

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I love to read.  I seriously would like to do it for a living.  Somehow. Someway.  I do not get to read books very often.  I can get through 1-2 a month at most, but that is good considering some years where I barely read 6 books; so I am grateful.  I am going to tell you about a book that I read a few months ago and I loved it!

This is a historical fiction book set in Ancient Egypt.  It is about Amenhotep III and Queen Tiy of the 18th Egyptian Dynasty (I sound pretty smart huh?)  It follows the friendship and then love of Tiy and Amenhotep.  It is a Young Adult book, but I would recommend it to anyone wanting a clean, sweet, innocent romance novel.  Anyone who wants to read a book with a strong female.  I think it a great book for a woman with daughters! 

I loved this book for many reasons, but to just name a few:

1.  I love a good love/friendship story.  Tiy and Amenhotep were always loyal to each other and helped each other grow into strong people.  I always like to see strong characters using their strength in positive ways.

2.  I am not a history person.  I never liked it in school and it still isn't my favorite.  I believe that is because of the way it is written.  It is TOO BORING.  So I think that is why I also like this book so much.  It brought history to life.  Now I know what you are all thinking...it isn't 100% correct.  Well that is true, but the author did a great job doing her research and putting a lot of descriptions about the wardrobe during that time along with the descriptions of the land.  I thought it was a great mixture of history with fiction. 

3.  I love watching Tiy grow into a strong young women.  She is my favorite character in the book.  Maybe because I can relate to her so much, but also because she is strong and true to her character.  She is herself through and through.   

My favorite part was the ending!  I am not going to give it away, because you should read it for yourself.  Click on the link below and get a copy of this book for yourself.  It will be worth it!  I PROMISE!

I loved this book so much I wish it could keep going.  You know like a sequel.  It is a stand alone book, but the author did put good news on her Facebook a couple months ago...

"I have some exciting news! TIY AND THE PRINCE OF EGYPT will be sporting a new, GORGEOUS cover on its year anniversary, featuring the lovely Andrah as Queen Tiy. 

ALSO, Tiy will be the first in a NEW historical series set in ancient royal cities. The next one will be DEVI AND THE PRINCE OF INDIA. I'm loving this story and can hardly wait to share it. More details to come!"

I look forward to reading that book hopefully soon (I am not very patient)!

I will leave you with some of my favorite quotes from the book.  There were a lot, but here are a few!

"Let us leave them to rest, they will heal each other." - I feel like this quote needs some explaining as to why it is my favorite.  I feel like true love can heal many things and I have told my husband many, many times that he is my best medicine.  So I could relate to that quote. 

"...Every breath you take, every morning you wake up next to me, every smile you send my way....saves me.  I would be dead without you." - So sweet. 

"I have come so your heart might live."

Buy Tiy and the Prince of Egypt HERE.

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