Jul 7, 2014


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The three essential shoes every woman needs…I was asked to address this topic, and I decided to accept the challenge…as a self-proclaimed shoeaholic, I don’t understand how/why someone would ever have only three pairs of shoes, but I have tried my very best to narrow my shoesentials to three.
Keep in mind, the shoes listed can (and should) be modified to fit your lifestyle – if you don’t dress up, or you are on your feet all day, heels might not be your go-to.  Whatever you do, be sure your outfit reflects your personality.  Also, know that if you are only going to have 3-5 pairs of shoes, be ready to make some investments – you are going for quality over quantity.  Once you acquire the essentials, you can get less-expensive, trendier options to supplement each season.

If I HAVE to choose…here are my shoesentials:

A great nude…

Our artistic forefathers were on to something when they glorified the nude.  A nude shoe – whether you choose a flat, kitten heel, wedge or stiletto, is always a great idea.  Now, you may think one nude is the same as the next, but you would be mistaken; you should look at a variety of brands/materials to decide which color looks best on you.  I personally love the J. Crew patent leather nude, I have it in a flat, kitten heel and wedge.  If I had to choose 1 style, I would stick with a small heel – it is versatile and easy to dress up or down.  Flats often come off as too casual, while many people find wedges/pumps too impractical to wear for long periods of time.  I have the gold kitten heel/nude combo shoe from J. Crew pictured below.  

The great thing about this shoe/heel height is you can wear it with a mini, midi or maxi skirt or a tailored trouser, wide-leg trouser or jeans. 

A quirky casual…

I think the flaw most women encounter when choosing a casual shoe, is choosing something too boring.  A casual shoe needs to be versatile as it will be worn frequently and in a variety of situations and ensembles, but it should have some visual interest.  I would recommend choosing a shoe made from a textured material, or a shoe with perforation or other visual interest; if you are like me, you could choose a shoe with a fun pattern (leopard is one of my favorites) and wear it as a neutral (this is risky, but well worth it when done correctly).  I have the shoe pictured below, it is DV by Dolce Vita, in a warm grey; I have worn these shoes in every season and with nearly every kind of casual outfit.  I especially love this shoe with a cuffed jean, button-up shirt and fedora (straw in the spring/summer, felt in the fall/winter).   

I also own the leopard-print Sperry’s shown here.  

Since I live in the South, Sperry’s are practically a religion – I have worn them with everything from a swimsuit to a skirt.  For an “everyday-friendly” look, I would recommend them with a great skinny jean, oversize v-neck tee and some aviators. 

Get moving…

I was recently told, “a tennis shoe is a mandate for life”…so, the last shoesential I have is a good “active” shoe.  You do not need to go out and become an Olympic or marathon runner, but it is good to be active – whether that is chasing your kids, running to and from appointments, or consciously taking time in your day to go for a walk, run, hike, etc.  I am a self-proclaimed nature-hater, but I have recently discovered a love of hiking, and just purchased my first pair of hiking shoes (Keen Venice H2 Sandals, if you were curious).  If you have a shoe-specific activity you are interested in, research brands and choose an activity-specific shoe; however, if you just want a good general run-around shoe, I would recommend a cross-trainer , I like Nike shoes, but there are a lot of great brands out there.  I have found if I buy my “active” shoes in a fun color/pattern, that encourages me to use them more often.  My current kicks are neon pink Nike Training Free XT Motion Fit, and I love them. 

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Ryan said...

I love your post Cami! Yeah, I'm a dude that just read about woman's shoes, big deal. I like it because the same principles can apply to men also, and it's probably more achievable for us men to stick to 3 pairs of shoes. Ha!

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