Jul 28, 2014

What's on my menu?-Week 1

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I have had a reader request that I post my menu for the week.  So I thought I would do that every once in awhile for you.  Maybe it will help you come up with some ideas.  Hopefully it will help you.

All of my meals I try to make easy.  I also have a side vegetable and fruit with every meal.  If you have picky eaters then it is best to give 2 options of each fruit and vegetable.  I usually only serve what everyone in my family likes.  I like to switch it up between canned, fresh, and frozen.  So lets get to it.  Here is this weeks menu:

Monday-Grilled marinaded chicken breasts: I am using a store bought marinade packet, since I have so many, and then grilling the chicken.  Then served with a side veggie and fruit.  I also like to serve this with some sort of bread.

Tuesday-Chipotle Chicken Tacos (find recipe here).  Of course serve with a veggie and fruit.

Wednesday-Breakfast for dinner: My husband makes the BEST french toast.  So that is what we are having.  No veggies here, but we will have some fruit.

Thursday: This night is our little family's tradition to get Chinese take out.  We have been doing this since Ryan and I were first married.  However, if you are looking for something to cook at home we really like the Chicken Fried Rice Chicken Helper.

Friday: Pizza Hut Original Pan Pizza (find recipe here)  I like to serve a side salad with pizza.

Saturday: This is my date night with my handsome hubby.  We will eat out, but here and here is another option if you are planning on staying home.  We absolutely LOVE these recipes.  We always have these two recipes together.  They are so so yummy.

Sunday: Simple Crockpot Chicken (find recipe here) We like to put this over rice.  Then a veggie and fruit for the side.

Enjoy!  What are you guys having for dinner this week?

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