Aug 5, 2014

30th mustache birthday party

Last year my husband turned 30.  Since I love throwing parties I wanted to do something big, but he is not the party type.  He would much rather have a low key birthday.  I decided to send out some invites to close family and stick with that.  To some this might be a big party still, but I wanted to do much, much more.  So I considered this a compromise.  It was fun though and I was able to do a theme that was more "manly".

See decor details below:

I printed mustaches and then attached them to skewers that I shortened.  I also printed the sign as well.  

We were moving during this time.  (Honestly, we had not even moved into the house when I did this party.  The house was empty.)  Since I was so busy with moving and packing things I was having a hard time getting done that I wanted done for the party.  So Ryan's amazing aunt helped me with a few things.  The tissue paper pom poms were one of them!

This sign was printed as well.  Ryan loves water with lemons and lime it it, so I did just that.

Ryan's aunt also helped me make the lovely Happy Birthday banner!  I gave her my ideas and she went with it!  She is amazing!
I didn't go all out on the decor because he honestly does not care that much.  I did it more for me and tried to keep it as low key as I could. *wink*


I did a kabob dinner.  I thought it was a lot of fun.  I did everything on a stick!  I started out with a fruit kabob.  On it I put apples, grapes, orange wedges, and strawberries.  Those are some of his favorite fruit.  Then my mom made her yummy fruit dip and I put them in little individual containers so people could grab them and then dump them.  

This is the recipe for the fruit dip.  Just like my cute mom wrote...It is delightful!

Next I did a veggie kabob.  I put potatoes and zucchini on it.  Ryan is not much a vegetable fan so I did those two since he like both of them.  I used the marinade from the recipe Veggie Kabobs with Herb and Garlic Marinade.  That recipe is fantastic.  If you are a veggie eater then you can follow the recipe completely.  I just took the marinade and used it.  So good!

Next I did Souvlaki.  We love to get Souvlaki at a local greek restaurant.  I decided to try and make my own.  I was a bit nervous, but everyone LOVED it.  Especially my hunk of a husband.  That is all that I was trying to impress that night anyways.  The recipe is here (that recipe is no longer available, see similar here).  Everyone wanted the recipe after they had this kabob.  

Last, but certainly not least I did a dessert kabob.  Ryan LOVES his chocolate.  So that is all you will find on these kabobs.  It is a chocolate overload, but so wonderfully wonderful.  I made the Ghirardelli Triple Chocolate brownies and cubed them and then I did a brownie batter ball.  Honestly, I do not know where that recipe is.  It was during a really crazy time so who knows!

This is the only picture I got of the food!  Call me lame if you want.  I was going 100 mph at this time in my life so I think any pictures are better than no pictures!

Hannelore got to suck on a mustache bikini!  It was hilarious!

Mustache fun!

Hannelore was a mustache hog!

She loved the balloons

Speaking of balloons...I bought a bunch of helium filled balloons that matched the colors of the party and lined them up along the pathway to the back (where the party was held).  I tied them around golf tees and stuck them in the grass.  It worked perfect.  Of course I do not have a picture of that.  So sad. 

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