Aug 18, 2014

Hairstyles between washings

I think.  Long pause.  I am going to grow my hair out.  I struggle with this.  There are so many cute short hair styles, but for some reason I do not feel like I can ever style them well.  Therefore, I think I am going to grow my hair out and see what I think for awhile.  Then if I want a change I will cut it.  Sound good?  I think.  I always think about things way too long.  So now you get to hear my thoughts about it.  *wink

One big thing that all hair specialists say is to try and not wash your hair as much as possible.  With that said lets go back to the beginning of time (as far as I go at least).  I have been an every other day kind of gal since...well forever.  My hair gets greasy pretty easy.  So I never tried going longer.  I felt like I looked gross if I did.  However, Ryan bought me this book for Christmas and I was reading in the front of the book and Addy (author of book) promises EVERYONE can wash their hair less.  So I took that as a challenge.  She said that you add one day in between washings and let your head get used to it for a bit then add another and go from there.  So I have been at every 3 days for about a month now and I am going to go up to 4 soon.  That is as far as I am going to go.  I just can't do anymore.

I thought it was going to be a lot worse, but it has actually gone pretty well.  I do 3 different hair styles to keep things different.  Honestly, I have been doing 3 hair styles over and over.  It works and maybe I will switch it up in a bit next month.

Day one (freshly washed hair)

Down and straight (sometimes, but rarely I will curl it)

(Side note: 4th of July with my sweet girl!)

Day Two:  Down, but braid on one side (I do this bohemian style braid)  

Curly in this picture, but I do it straight too

Day 3: All up topsy taill to the side

So here in a couple weeks I will start going every 4 days.  When I do I think I will just wear my hair straight the first day and then the second day curl it and then do something around my face the 3rd day and then all up the 4th.  We will see.  I will do a follow up post on how it it going.  Hopefully my hair will start growing faster.  I never had a problem with my hair growing, then I had my daughter and now it is SLOW!

hairstyles to do with greasy hair | train your hair to wash less

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