Sep 16, 2014

Current Hair Care Crushes

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I have some exciting news!  I have an amazing friend that is going to be the beauty/hair contributor for my blog!  I am so excited to be adding another contributor and since hair tips is not my area of expertise I thought it worked out wonderfully.  I am so excited to be adding her as a contributor.  Starting in October she will be posting monthly.  Her name is Laura.  I am working on getting her bio under the contributors tab.  Keep looking for that.

Currently I have a lot of hair care products that I am crushing on.  I will share four of them with you today.  I love them all and hopefully these products will help you find some products that you have been missing.

This shampoo has done wonders for my hair.  I have always had hair that has a lot of flyaways and it is borderline frizzy.  I can get it tamed, but I have to use a lot of heat products.  This shampoo eliminates the need for a lot of heat, but at the same time it is light enough that it does not weigh my hair down and make it really greasy.

Leave-in Conditioner: It's a 10 miracle leave-in plus Keratin (Here)

My hair is quite snarly as soon as I get out of the shower.  However, this product does wonders for that, but at the same time it is light.  I do not apply it on my roots...just the ends.  It leaves my hair feeling healthy and smooth.

If you have damaged hair like mine then this product is fantastic.  I have damaged hair somehow.  I have not bleached it for years and I use minimal heat...NOW.  I did have to use a lot of heat to make it look good before.  I use this product every other washing.  I replace it with the product above.  So I only use It's a 10 product every other time too.  You do not need a lot of this.  I put a little too much in the first time and it made my hair a little heavy.  I apply it right after my shower, before I comb my hair out.  I love the smell too, that is always a plus.

This dry shampoo is fantastic.  I have tried a bunch and this one is great for the cost.  It gets the job done for me.  I have light colored hair though.  I do not think it would work with darker hair.  Maybe I am wrong, but I think it might make dark hair look white-ish.  Sorry to all my darker haired friends.

What are some of you favorite hair care products?

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