Sep 23, 2014

Weekly Routine for Kids

How many of you moms are strict with your kids routine/schedules?  This mom right here is.  I always have been.  The longer I am a mom the better I can let it go if something comes up. way!  I would have had a complete come apart if something came up that was not in the plan.  I do not know by experience at all,  *wink*

I believe that routines/schedules help kids feel secure and it gives them balance in their life.  I like a schedule so my daughter was bound to have a schedule.  We have a schedule for nap and bed time.  We also eat around the same time everyday.  If you are new to my blog then you might not know about play pen time.  Read about it here. I do play pen time at the same time everyday.

For about a year and a half now I have extended the schedule/routine to more items.  I am a working mom.  I work from home and therefore my job can sometimes consume my life.  I can stick my daughter in front of the TV and there she stays.  That is terrible I know.  When I finally realize what time it is the mommy guilt kicks in and it is unbearable at times.  So I have come up with activities that we do EVERY WEEK ON THE SAME DAY.  I know.  I am nuts, but it works for me and it gives me and my daughter some time to bond and also time for me to be her mommy, not a workaholic mom.  

So here is a break down of what I do every week.  We actually just started switching  up some things because of a program that the children's museum around us just started.  I hope these give you ideas so you can go have fun with your little ones. 

Mondays:  This is the day we are switching up.  We used to go to Discovery Time at the library.  It is story and singing time for young children.  

Also, on Mondays there is a "On Track to Reading" program that the Treehouse Museum puts on for small children (younger than kindergarten).  It is supposed to get them ready for kindergarten.  Yesterday was our first day and Hannah loved it, AFTER she threw a fit and chucked a train at my head.  It even bled.  Anyway back to the program.  They sing songs and read books.  They also have a punch card and if you go half the times then you get to pick either a backpack or a teddy bear at the end.  

Treehouse with her playing with the toy that cut my head.  We also run into friends a lot there so it is fun.  During this picture I was having an adult conversation with my friend while watching our kids play.  Win-WIN! 

So my plan is to go to the library every other week and the Treehouse every other week, rotating with each other.  I will see what Hannelore wants to do.  I will leave it up to her.  

Tuesdays:  Craft time with Mommy

I have always done a bigger craft on Tuesdays.  She loves to color, but this craft is a bit bigger than just crayons and paper.  It is more thought out and takes more time.  She LOVES this day.  Right now we are working on her alphabet.  So she does a craft corresponding with the letter that week.  

Also, in the mornings we go to Mommy and Me dance classes.  She LOVES it!  It is good because she gets the social aspect, but she loves to dance.  It is a winning combination.

My tiny dancer
Wednesday:  This day used to be Treehouse day.  We would go for a couple hours and explore.  It is a fun museum because she can use her imagination and she is allowed everywhere and anywhere.  So she can have a lot of choices.  

Since we will be going to the Treehouse on Mondays (at least some weeks) then this might be library day.  However, if we go to the library on Monday then we will go to the Treehouse on Wednesdays.  That way every week she gets to go to both.  

Discovery Time with egg shakers...her favorite! 
Another side note: During the summer when the weather is nice and even in the Fall and Spring I have taken her to the park to play instead of the Treehouse.  We tried different parks.  I have been thinking about taking her sledding and other Winter activities during the Winter.  So some Wednesdays might be filled up with outside activities.  

Day at the park

Thursday: This day is when we go run errands.  We go grocery shopping and run any other errands we need to that week.  She is my little helper and I try and keep her involved during the whole process.  I have not been that good at cleaning the car on this day lately, but I hope I start that up again.  It is nice to take a day to clean the inside and the outside of the car.  I again ask for her help and we have fun doing it together.  

Not the best picture, but running errands is not usually a thing to take pictures of.  This day she was being extra good so she got to ride the puppy! 
Friday: I like to reserve play dates for Fridays.  I like to end the week with friends.  I try and make this happen as much as possible.  Hannelore's daddy is sometimes off on Fridays and when that happens then Hannelore and her daddy get to do something together.  

The weekends are easy to do things together.  We usually have activities planned so I do not have a planned thing on Saturday and Sundays.  

I hope this list can get your mind thinking and you can come up with some fun things to do together! I believe having a routine can help your whole life feel more organized as well!

Have a happy day! 

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Trish said...

We don't really have an activities schedule, but I for sure have a nap/feeding/playtime/bath/bedtime schedule! I tried not to have one because I wanted to be one of those go with the flow moms. lol, what a disaster. Our lives have been so much more relaxed WITH the scheduled than without it :)

Shambray said...

I didn't even try life without a routine. At least you gave it a shot so you can know from experience. I am too scared to even try! I'm glad to hear that it is better with a routine.

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