Oct 27, 2014

A Child's Dream Playroom

I always wanted a playroom growing up.  A whole room dedicated to toys?  What!  So I knew I wanted a playroom for my little princess when we moved in this house.  

I knew I wanted it colorful.  Hannelore loves all colors.  She changes her favorite weekly.  I kept the walls gray that way we weren't stuck with a bold color that we would want to change soon after painting it. (The room was recently painted by the previous owners...score)

Pictures help show the room so well. There are so many different parts of the playroom that are my favorite. So I am going to share them all.

Ryan's very talented aunt made this quilt with the playroom rules on it!  So cute.  She always amazes me! It is so colorful, just like the playroom.  It matches perfectly.  

I started working on these letters years ago.  I would collect different letters from different stores or things I found.  Then I would decorate them each differently.  I was able to do this since the play room is full of color.  Each letter is unique.  There are pictures of letters, yarn wrapped letters, letters decorated with Elmer's glue, painted letters, letters painted on burlap, letters wrapped in washi tape, letters wrapped in scrapbook paper, letters with pennies glued on them, letters with glitter, nail art letters, letters made with buttons, and letters wrapped in maps.  I love it! 

This little chair is where Hannelore has picnics, where she "feeds" people with play kitchen food, where she reads, and where she watches TV.  The chair is one of her favorites given to her by her grandma and grandpa.  (Chair is an Ikea treasure:here)

The rug is one of my favorites and it is the main reason I choose to do many colors.  It was the inspiration for the room.  I started with that one piece and went from there.  The easel is a favorite of anyone who comes over to play.  Hannelore barely lets me write on it because it is hers.  That is what she tells me.  The rug is another Ikea treasure.

The canopy is something Hannelore has fun playing in right now.  I hope to some day make it a reading nook, but she isn't quite to that age yet.  So right now it is her "hiding place". 

This garland is made with string and fabric scraps.  Again it is very colorful.  As long as there is color in the fabric then I used it.  I have received many compliments on it.  So so simple.  

This play kitchen was made for Hannelore last year by her grandpa.  It is made out of an old entertainment center.  It has almost been a year since she received it and she still uses it on a daily basis.  Many nights I have to stop her from playing with it to go to bed.  She loves it.  She can continue to grow with it too.  

Hannelore is learning her alphabet right now.  She loves to sing it so we use this magnet board a lot. The "board" itself is a oil drip pan.  I adhered it to the wall with Velcro command strips (seriously the best invention).  She matches up the magnet letter with the letter flashcard.  

This stair storage is PERFECT for small toys.  I love the labels that I made to keep things organized. I did each drawer a different color so when I am telling Hannelore where to put it then I can tell her which color of drawer to put it in.  

Print yours here: 

This picture frame is one of my favorites.  Before Hannelore was born I had a smaller one.  I would change out the picture every so often.  I used it to display quotes that I love.  (If you are new to the blog then you might not know my love for inspirational/positive quotes.  I post a new one every month that I am focusing on.)  So when I had Hannelore I decided to get her a new one.  One for herself.  It is wonderful because you can open the picture frame and store up 50 pictures behind the one that is displayed!  That is such an awesome feature since you colors about 50 new pictures a day! You can find one here (super inexpensive)!

Last but not least is the closet that I turned into open storage.  I did not want to close it off because well, two reasons.  1.  I do not want her slamming the door on her fingers.  2.  If it is open then it stays clean.  I am scared that as Hannelore gets older that she will start storing messes in closets.  Do all kids do that?  It seems like the cool thing to do.  Anyways, with it open then I can easily see it and stay on top of it.  The chest at the bottom is full of dress up stuff.  

This closet is going to be redone.  I am going to paint the shelves and organize it better with bins and such.  Utah just had the first The Container Store open so I am thinking a trip to the store seems to fit this organization task.  I will do a separate post on that once it is finished.  

I have to say that this room is one of my favorites in the house.  Maybe because it brings out the inner child in me, maybe it is because I always wanted a playroom growing up, or maybe it is because I get to spend time playing with my daughter in this room.  No matter the reason I am glad we have a place to make memories.  

Do you have any toy storage tips for me?  I am always looking for good ideas. 

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Selene @ Restoration Beauty said...

You did a great job with the playroom!!! I love all the fun and bright colors! And your little one is a cutie!!

Shambray said...

Thank you! The room is so colorful. Perfect for her playroom. Her nursery is much more "quiet" when it comes to colors.

Tausha Wierlo said...

Oh my gosh! You have convinced me to turn our guest room into a play room! This is AMAZING!!!

Shambray said...

Oh you are too kind! I love it and I am totally in favor of you turning your guest room into a play room!

Unknown said...

So cute!! I especially love your alphabet wall!

Shambray said...

Thank you! That is my favorite part too.

Unknown said...

Hello, I am dropping by from the Frugal Friday Link Up Party. I love the alphabet wall. So cute. Your daughter is so adorable!

Shambray said...

Thank you I think she is pretty cute too! The alphabet wall is my favorite too.

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