Oct 7, 2014

Utah! I have a great budget friendly blog for you!

I heard about this blog from my aunt who is HUGE into budget/price matching sites and blogs.  She has tried so many and she told me about Price Match With Rachel and could not say enough good about it.

So I decided to check it out.  Actually the reason she told me about it was because my family wanted to go to Lagoon, but at the same time we did not want to take a second mortgage out on our house to do so.  I might be exaggerating...a bit.

My aunt told me that Rachel had a deal on her blog for Lagoon.  She was offering readers 50% off Lagoon single day passes.  She only had them available for a specific day in August, but I was all over it.  I thought I NEED to check out this site.  So I did.

We got the tickets.  She didn't have an unlimited supply, but we got them and it felt so good to go enjoy Lagoon for half the price!  She continues to have such great deals.  She posts deals on the blog that I do not hear about anywhere else.  And I follow a lot of deal/budget blogs and sites.  

Other exciting news in regards to Price Match with Rachel is come November 1st she will be offering Utah Deals and Steals.  It is a free "one stop shop" online experience.  She has no't given much information, but on her blog she has announced, "no more clipping coupons for your favorite deals or forgetting them at home.  Show the deal right off your phone.  Save time, save money, have fun.  Brilliant!"  She says this is in regards to favorite restaurants, retail stores, grocery stores, and more.  I cannot wait to see it and use that resource starting in November! 

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