Nov 5, 2014

Favorite daily deal site #2

Just because Groopdealz is listed second does not mean that I love them less than Jane.  I ordered from them the first time over 2 years ago as well.  This is another site that I check EVERY SINGLE day.  Again, I have received so many compliments from many people on all my items I have ordered through Groopdealz.

My number one complimented item that I have ordered through there are my slip extenders.  I have an ivory and a black one.  Each of them get many compliments every single time I wear them.  I always say, "You need to check out Groopdealz.  They always have amazing stuff for great deals." 

Again, I have purchased accessories for myself and Hannelore,  I have ordered skirts and dresses for myself.  This is a fabulous place to order party supplies as well.  Remember my play room post?  If not see it here.  The magnets on the magnet board I ordered from Groopdealz as well as the letter "M" on the alphabet wall on that same post.  Many of the Babylit books that you see by the amazing frame (same post) I ordered from Groopdealz.  (The remainder of the Babylit books were purchased from another one of my go to sites...coming later this week.)  Not to mention I also have ordered bakers twine and baby supplies from Groopdealz.  Needless to say....I LOVE GROOPDEALZ.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission if you make a purchase using any of the links. However, all opinions are 100% my own.

10 deals that went live today that I am totally crushing on!

These are so cute!  I wanted these yesterday on Jane, but they were sold out by the time I got to them! So hurry if you want them!  Only $12.99 for 4

These are so adorable.  I love leggings and my little miss is much more comfortable in leggings too!  Only $9.99

Oh I love you!  This one is so cute!  Only $10.99

Ahhh!  So cute!  Love them!  $11.99

I LOVE centerpieces like this!  They are so versatile for all seasons!  $21.99! 

Hey remember yesterday?!  These shirts are so cute!  I love them!  $13.99

When Hannelore was little these were the only headbands she liked!  Now....she won't wear headbands.  So sad.  These are only $1.99! 

Hannelore had a dress kind of like this when she was 9 months.  It was so comfy for her, but so cute!  Now she can have one at age 2!  Only $7.99!  

I love state love signs!  These are no exception!  And only $9.99!

If you didn't see my post yesterday then you don't know my obsession with pillows!  I think I want a pillow from each of these sites everyday! $12.99

There are so many more deals on there and everyday they post so many more! 

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