Dec 16, 2014

Myth about haircuts

Blog post written by beauty/hair contributor, Laura

Today’s post is going to be a “myth buster.”  I have decided that occasionally I would like to put an end to a few common misconceptions about hair, whether it be tips, tricks or just facts in general.  I hope these are helpful and if there is anything that you have questions about or are wondering about, please share!  I want to be putting out information that you all want! 

Ok!  So today’s myth buster is about a haircut.  I hear a lot of times that people will say that your hair will grow faster if you cut it.  While that may appear to be true, it is a myth!  Your hair will grow at its normal rate whether you cut it or not. 

That being said, regular haircuts are important!  Even if you are growing out your hair.  The ends of our hair get the brunt of all damage and wear.  They split and break and all kinds of unfortunate things.   Because of this, the ends appear much thinner and much less healthy than the rest of your hair.  When we remove those ends by getting a haircut we no longer have those straggly ends that just break off.  Instead you have healthy hair that will grow out thicker and thus appear longer. 

So we see that haircuts are great for your hair, no matter the length.  If you are growing it out, you can definitely spread out your cuts to maybe once every 12 weeks or so, but they are important and you will find that you love your hair even more when you get that ½ inch trimmed off!  Let’s keep our hair looking fabulous for the holidays!!

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