Jan 30, 2015

5 Valentines crafts you can easily make in a weekend

I love Valentines Day and all the love that goes with it!  This year went I went to pull out my Valentines decor I couldn't find the box!  We are doing a massive remodel and things have been misplaced.  As soon as everything is back in order it will all be found, but for now the box is missing.
I couldn't go a whole season without putting any Valentines Day decorations up.  So I decided I was going to make some.  That way I would have SOMETHING.  I picked quick and easy things because I didn't have a lot of time to work with.  I am going to share these projects with you in order of easiest to most complex.  

1.  Conversation hearts, candle, and vase

I bought the vase and the candle from the Dollar Tree awhile ago.  Then I bought the conversation hearts while grocery shopping.  I dumped in as much as I wanted and then placed my candle on top. That's it.  I was done.  

2.  Spray painted Great Northern Beans in a jar

I bought 2-16 oz packages of Great Northern Beans.  I spray painted approximately 1/3 in a box outside and then brought in the box to dry.  I spray painted them pink.  Then I spray painted another third  in the same box (after removing the pink) this time I painted them red and let them dry.  Once they were dry I layered them in the jar.  It was simple and so fast.  The longest step was waiting for the beans to try.

3.  Be Mine picture frame art

Again this uses my favorite Ikea product, the Tolsby frame.  I simply cut out Valentines paper to 4 inches by 6 inches.  Then I used my Cricut Explore to cut out the vinyl words "Be Mine".  I then placed the "Be Mine" where I wanted it on the paper.  I dressed it up a bit with fabric/paper flowers and ribbon.  Seriously....so simple.

4.  Canvas art

I bought an 8x10 package of 2 canvas peices.  I painted black stripes on the canvas by taping off the stripes with Frog Tape.  After the paint was dry I peeled off the tape.  Next I cut a heart out with my Cricut Explore.  Then I wrapped the heart in strips of 2 different kinds of washi tape.  I then hot glued the heart straight on the canvas.  Lastly, I cut some more vinyl out on the Cricut.  That is what the I {heart} U is.  Again so simple.  This canvas was inspired by this blog post. 

Valentines Day Decorations

Valentines Day Decorations

5.  Fabric Wrapped Wreath

I was so sad that I "lost" my favorite Valentines wreath.  It is a burlap heart shaped wreath and I love everything about it.  It is one of my most simple decorations, but it is one of my favorites.  So I thought I would use burlap in another wreath and see if I could create another wreath that I love.  I have an obsession with wreaths!  

This project needs its own tutorial.  


Valentines Day Decorations

  • Circle Wreath Form
  • Approximately 88 1-inch strips of fabric (I used lighter natural burlap, red burlap, pink, white, and red fabric, and white, dark pink, and light pink tulle)
  • Wooden heart 
  • 2 colors a paint (I did tan and red)
  • Contact Paper (to use as a stencil for the "Love")
  • Cricut Explore (or you can use a stencil) 
1.  Cut the fabric into strips 1-inch strips.  I cut mine at 18 inches.  The cuts do not have to be perfect.  Just quickly cut.  I did this while watching Downton Abbey.

2.  After they are all cut out then you can start tying the strips in any order that you like around the wreath form and tie a knot.  

3.  Next paint your wooden heart the color you want the word to be.  Let it dry.

4.  While it is drying, cut out a word on your Cricut.  I use contact paper because it is so much cheaper than vinyl to use as a stencil.  

5.  Once your base color is dry then place your stencil on the heart where you want the word and then paint the whole heart the other color.  Let it dry.

6.  Once it is dry remove the stencil.  You can distress it with sandpaper at this time if you would like.

7.  Attach the wooden heart to your wreath.  The heart I bought had jute already attached, but I wanted tulle so I removed the jute and replaced it with tulle and tied it to the wreath.  

8.  I tied more tulle to the top of the wreath so I could hang the wreath from the tulle.

9.  If you have die cuts or anything that you want to pin to the fabric you can glam it up a bit more.

This wreath did not take me that long.  The longest thing was cutting the strips and I didn't mind because I did it while watching a show.  

I am so glad I took the time to make these crafts so I have something cute and pretty to look at until Valentines day.  

Check out these 5 easy Valentines craft ideas.

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Pamela said...

Wow, These valentine's day crafts are really cute and beautiful. Best time pass on 14th february is to make these type of crafts for our loved ones.

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