Jan 5, 2015

Busy Mom Exercise Routine

This post is written by Melissa, the newest contributor to Shambray.  She will be posting monthly on health and fitness!  Go to the contributors page to read more about her.  She also blogs at http://onthegohealthymoms.blogspot.com/.  

Let's face it, being a MOM requires more time on your kids needs, versus YOU time.

I am here to tell you that YOU can find time for yourself and throw those excuses out the WINDOW!

Here are some tips on how to find time during your day and to create an EXERCISE ROUTINE that will work for you -minus the excuses.

* Make a choice that taking care of yourself by exercising will help you to feel better about yourself.

* Be Positive! 

Push aside thought of "I will do it after I clean the house, run my errands, GET it done first, no matter if you aren't feeling up to it! Involve your kids! Have them join you! Keep yourself in check and tell yourself to get it done NO MATTER WHAT! Even if the kids are crawling all over you!

* Repeat Actions- Know what type of exercise you will be doing, put in on the calendar, change it up. But ALWAYS KNOW what you will be doing that day, and the next, and the next . . .

*Build Habits- keeping your Exercise Routine will help you build the habit of you doing it and it will become easier over time.

* Stay Consistent!
Do your exercise Consistently. Set your schedule NOW- How many times a week, what days, what TIME?

I want to share with you my Exercise Routine- here is my Routine in a nutshell! I exercise 5 times a week- M, T, TH, F, S.  I workout at home to Beachbody DVD's after my first child goes to school (8:30). I don't do anything else until I have done my workout. This works for me because I like my free time early morning before kids wake up to get work done. It also works because they see me exercise and they also play really well at this time. Then we all get ready after that, clean and run errands. It just doesn't happen at night, so this time works well for me.

I love this quote! Enjoy your kids, YES! Enjoy taking care of yourself so you have the time and energy to take care of them. It's the little things, day to day, that will bring consistency to your daily routine, that will benefit you and your kids over time. Make your bad habits into GOOD habits!

Thanks for reading, 

Comment below what your exercise routine will be for January!

Can't wait to hear what your routine is!


Melissa also blogs at http://onthegohealthymoms.blogspot.com/.  

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