Jan 1, 2015

How to make this year the happiest year yet

I've mentioned the book "The Happiness Project" on the blog many times.  This book was life changing to me and I thank Gretchen Rubin for that.

This picture was taken right before I started reading it.  I must have felt this book would change my life because I don't take pictures of every book I start. 

I put together my own happiness project last year and did really well until about July...then it fell apart.  I tried to bring it back to life again, but it didn't happen. 

I do not want this to happen again.  I can honestly say that from Jan to Jun I was happier.  I know this works and I want it to be lasting.  So that is where you come in.  I plan on incorporating my "happiness project" into this blog or what I like to call it my "quest for more happiness".  I plan to share with you my failures and more importantly my successes.  I hope there are far more successes than failures.  

I am going to give you a break down of my "quest for more happiness" at the beginning of each month.  I want you to join me.  I want all of my readers to be more happy this year.  Actually, like the title of this blog post says...I want it to be your happiest year yet!  So lets strive to do that together.  Please share with me your successes.  Also share your failures.  We can all learn from each other.  

Each month I will be posting a challenge.  Whoever participates in the challenge will be entered into a giveaway.  I will post what the giveaway will be each month along with the challenge.  I hope you join in and that this can be life changing for us all.  

Also, every year I pick a word of the year to focus on.  For instance, last year my word was happy.  I wanted to do the same word this year, but I thought of a great one to change it up a bit.  (Check back tomorrow to see what my word is for this year and a quote to go with it).  Of course it will go with the theme this year and the theme of the blog...happiness.  That is what I want my readers to achieve when they read this blog.  

So let me give you a breakdown of what to expect this coming year and then I will dive into my goals for this month (my "quest for more happiness" goals).  

Every month you will see:
  • A free printable that includes my word of the year AND it will go along with the goals that I am working on that month.  
    • These quotes will be motivation for all of us no matter if you have a different word you are focusing on and/or different goals as part of YOUR happiness project.
  • A breakdown of the goals I am focusing on that month
  • A challenge along with a giveaway
  • Any successes and failures from me or readers (if they choose to share) 
  • Continue to see the same type posts that I have been sharing in the past.  
    • Posts will include: monthly contributor's posts (we have a new one coming this month), crafts & home decor projects/updates, marriage & parenting tips & tricks, party/holiday/ gift ideas, continuing my cleaning series, budgeting/organizing/meal planning tips.

My goals for January

In the book Gretchen focused on energy in the month of January.  I did not change one thing that she did and it worked PERFECTLY for me.  I personally think that you need to have good energy and a lot of it as a base before you can add other parts of your "quest for more happiness".

So here are my goals:

1.  Go to bed earlier.

I put this one first, because to me it is the most important.  I think this one thing can make a world of difference.  If I have more sleep I can get a lot more done in the day.  I also have a higher chance to be more positive.  Honestly, this one thing can help me do all the other goals for the month.  

2.  Act energetic.  

This one is second most important to me because this one is a miracle worker I swear.  If I act like I have more energy somehow I do.  I can't explain it, but it works.  However, that being said.  This one is the hardest for me.  It might be the hardest goal I have for the whole year.  It is much easier to say I am tired than to pretend that I'm not and say that I feel so awake.  Do you see why number 1 is so important?  If I get more sleep I am more likely to succeed at number 2. 

3.  Exercise.  

Gretchen's goals says "exercise better".  I need to exercise!  This is one thing that I put too far down on my list.  This can help me with number 2 as well.  I have a couple busy mom routines.  (Week 1 and Week 2)  There will also be a great routine provided by my new fitness contributor, Melissa, on Monday!  (look for more information about her by clicking on the contributors tab)

4.  Organize/Declutter

I shared a post in August about what I do to stay on top of clutter.  I love this solution.  It helps me get rid of things, but not in an overwhelming way.  This goal is where Gretchen introduced the "evening tidy up" and the "one minute rule".  Both of these are explained in my cleaning schedule post.  Both of these are a MUST if I want my energy kept high.  

5.  Cross off nagging tasks

Oh my.  I could go into this one for hours.  We all have those tasks.  You know the ones that suck the energy out of you.  Or if not those ones then the ones that once they are taken care of you can almost physically feel a weight being lifted from you.  That is what I am talking about.  I have a "nagging task" list.  It is basically a GIGANTIC to do list.  Now if you choose to add this to your quest for more happiness I do not what you to put clean up home office on your nagging list and try to tackle it in one day.  I promise if you do that, you will burn out!  So put baby steps like, "Clean paper pile on the right side of computer" and then on another line put "Clean paper pile on the left side of computer". See baby steps.  

Those are my goals.  Do you like them?  Will you include some of them into your "quest for more happiness" or "happiness project"?

Monthly Challenge & Giveaway

Challenge:  Start your own quest for more happiness.  Set 1-5 goals to focus on this month.  You can utilize the ones that I have in this post (that I used from Gretchen's list).  You can change up one or two.  Or you can come up with your own completely.  Once you have them set then email me at support@shambray.com.  You can email me your whole list or you can email me just one goal.  Once you email me then you will be entered into the drawing for the prize giveaway.  


This book is worth so much.  I love it...if you can't tell. The winner will receive a copy of this book. If you win you can get ahead of the game and set up your own happiness project a year in advance. This book is inspiring and it makes you happy just by reading it.

I have teamed up with 40 other bloggers to make this the best year ever!  Check out their solutions below!  There are some fantastic and inspiring posts to read!

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Jessica said...

These goals look perfect! Thank you for sharing!

Jane said...

I'm totally with you on your goals for January. Your list looks almost identical to mine!

Sam at Bubble 'n Squeak said...

Happy 2015! Some great goals you have set.

Dawn @ Reveal Natural Health said...

I haven't read "The Happiness Project," but last year for our anniversary my husband got me "The Happiness Project One Sentence Journal" and I love it. It just has 4 lines available to write something short every single day and has space for 5 years worth of memories.

Ellen said...

I'm working on going to bed earlier. I really struggle with this one. Can't wait to learn more about your challenge!

Amy @ Home & Farm Sense said...

Never heard of this book but it definitely looks intriguing. I do love all your goals - they are ones I work on too...:)

Your Best Friend said...

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