Feb 13, 2015

Stay Sane Cleaning Series Step 5: Clothes

I know many of you are going to think the next step is silly to have on my cleaning schedule, but I do have it on there.  I put it on there to make sure it gets done daily.  It is something that needs to be checked off daily. 

The next step in my cleaning series is picking out your clothes for the next day.  If you have kids do this for them as well. How many of you already do this? Honestly, I have been doing it for about 3-4 years now and it is so wonderful.  The mornings are always a little chaotic for me.  Therefore, if I have one more thing done the night before then life is even easier the next morning.  

I set mine aside in my closet.  I even go as far as to pick out the jewelry that I want to wear with that certain outfit.  Pick out as much as you can so you have little to decide in the morning.

If you are not doing this already I want you to start and then come back and tell me how much of a difference you notice.  You will notice a HUGE difference if you have a hard time picking out what you want to wear.  It will also save you a lot of time if you have a lot of kids.  I only have one child and it makes life so much easier the next day. 

If you have stubborn kids...like mine.  Then let them pick it out, but it will always be for the next day. It is good to get them started on the habit so they can learn to do this when they are adults.

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How many of you do this already?  

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Amy | Canary Street Crafts said...

If we need to be somewhere early in the morning I ALWAYS set out clothes for myself and kids the night before. It makes such a huge difference and saves so much time! Great tips, Shambray!

Shambray said...

Thanks. I love this step because it is time saving.

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