Mar 11, 2015

4 new date night ideas I am adding to my list

spouse, love, husband, wife

If you are new here then you might not know that I really like The Dating Divas.  Their website is so wonderful when it comes to resources to date your husband, show him that you love him, and many other great ideas.  

So the four date night ideas that I am adding to my list come from their amazing site.  I cannot wait to try them and reconnect with my love.  I am adding them to my date night jar as soon as I finish this post.  

spouse, love, husband, wife

One of my favorite things that I like about The Dating Divas is the fact that they provide printables (FOR FREE).  The printables are so amazing and always kick the date night up a notch.  This date comes with some fantastic printables.  I really like this date because it is random and fun.  I like dates that are less predictable.  

Again, I love anything different.  Since this date is completed from finish to start it seems fun and exciting to me.  I think my husband will really like this one too.  Again, the printables go perfectly with the date.  

Did you know that National Popcorn Lover's Day is March 12th!?  That's tomorrow.  So if you can whip up this date for tomorrow then that would be fitting.  Who doesn't like popcorn and a movie?  It is seriously my husband's favorite.  This date night is centered all around popcorn and a movie, and adding a bit a fun.  It is a great date if you can't find a babysitter too.  The kids will love it. 

I love this date because we are all so busy, but this makes date night so quick and easy.  You can get everything ready way before the date.  No need to stress, just get it ready and gift it to your sweetheart when date night comes around.  The printables are amazing.  You could honestly use the date night box for all the different date night ideas that are on the post OR you can just pick the ones that seem like a good fit for you and your date.

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I hope these date nights inspire you as much as they did me.  I will be doing them soon and can't wait to connect with my husband.  I love date nights, but I love them even more when they are different and planned for me.  Thanks to The Dating Divas!

Check out more date night ideas:

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