Mar 5, 2015

New site you do NOT want to miss!

Check out R1 Auction for more unique items!  

I have an exciting new site to have you check out.  I have to tell you that it is my husband's site, BUT it is awesome without me knowing him.  It is an auction site so you can get some fantastic things for a much lower price.  It is all really random and so you never know what will be in each auction.  One auction might have tons of items you need/want and the next might not have anything that appeals to you.

The other awesome thing for you is that the first auction has not even closed yet and so prices are really low since not very many people know about it.  Some of this stuff is going for dollar store prices!  

I did not even know he had some of this stuff until he posted it on here and my mouth dropped because some of the items I really want.  However, I think it would be a conflict of interest if the wife of the site owner went and bought everything.  Plus I think my husband might be a little mad at me.  

I have highlighted a few of the items that I think are great!  Along with ideas of what I would do with each of them!

1.  Vintage Cameras

There are a total of 6 cameras on this one auction alone.  These are fantastic for so many projects.  I think they make great decorations.  They are great for vintage weddings and so much more.  Here are some of my favorite pins utilizing vintage cameras.  (Wedding decor, Display for vintage cameras, vintage camera collection)

2.  Pair of ice skates

This is one of two pairs of vintage ice skates in this auction.  There are also some really cool vintage roller skates too.  Remember how I used ice skates very similar to these for my Christmas decor?  I also found some really awesome ideas on Pinterest.  (Chair and ice skates, Christmas wreath idea, ice skates and sled)

3.  Vintage scale

This item is so AWESOME!  I love it!  There are so many ideas in my head, but since my ideas are not in picture form I will show you some of my favorites on Pinterest.  (Candle and scale, scale and flowers, scale and books)

4.  Marble Eggs

This is a great time of year to look for eggs, BUT not a great time to buy typically since you usually have to wait until AFTER Easter to get the deals.  You can place them in a basket or bowl and instantly have some Easter decor.  I also found this great idea on Pinterest that uses the scale  from above and the eggs.  (scale and eggs)

5.  Pulley block and hook

Have you guys seen the awesome things you can do with this baby?  Custom lighting can make your house feel so much better.  Here are some great lighting ideas with pulleys.  (Basket and pulley and pulley lighting

6.  Home decor items

Now if you feel like you are not the crafty type or you do not have the time then there are options like this.  Instant decor on the cheap.  Things like this make awesome gifts too.  

7.  Picture frames

Here are some other items that are ready to go.  You do not have to do anything but put pictures or quotes in them.  Again, they can make great gifts as well too.  

Check out the auction by going to R1 Auction.  I hope you enjoy it!

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Michelle said...

Congrats Ryan!

Shambray said...

He is finally doing it!

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