Apr 28, 2015

Everyone needs Chatbooks in their life!

memory keeping, life documenting, pictures, photos, scrapbook
Have you heard of Chatbooks?!  They are seriously amazing!  I am big into documenting life.  I think it is important to yourself and if you are a mom then also to your kids.  I love looking back at my baby pictures and reading about what was going on.  I want my kids to have the same luxury.  

With that said, I am sure I am safe to say for all of us that life is so busy and this can often fall to the bottom of all our "to do" lists.  Chatbooks makes life so much easier.  I was a huge scrapbooker.  I still like to craft with paper and if I could do scrapbooking I totally would, but it is not something I can fit into my schedule right now. 

It is one of those things that brings a lot of guilt to me.  So I needed to find a more simple answer and Chatbooks is just that.  It is simple.  It is automatic (for me, there are other options that are not automatic if you would rather).  And it is affordable.

memory keeping, life documenting, pictures, photos, scrapbook

So here's the scoop...there are three types of Chatbooks you can order.  There is the Instagram Series, Chatbooks Series, and a custom book.  The Instagram Series and the Chatbooks Series are both automatic.  They both autoship once you reach 60+ photos.  Both can be customized and they are automatic.  They are both $6 (shipping included on the first copy of the book, shipping is more if you want more than one copy).

The custom book can be anywhere from 30-300 pages.  Again you can customize it and again it is $6 for 30 pages.  If you have more pages then the cost goes up $1 for each ten pages after that.  

I really like using the Instagram Series option, because, like I said, it is automatic so I don't forget to print the pictures since that is already taken care of and it comes in an amazing paper book bound book.  

I am sure you will have more questions that I didn't answer so check out their support page for more details and answers to a lot of questions.  

memory keeping, life documenting, pictures, photos, scrapbook

Do you want to hear the best part?!  You can get your own free book!  All you need to do is subscribe to the Instagram Series then put in the code shamb169.  

This would be a great way for you to try out Chatbooks without having to spend anything!  I promise 
you will love it and keep them coming after that first book!  

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