Apr 23, 2015

Toddler Chore Chart

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My sweet daughter turned 3 this week!  Details about her Frozen party coming soon.  Since she is now officially three I decided to start an actual chore chart with her.  Up until now I just had her help me when I feel like she can or that she even will.  I haven't been wanting to fight with her about it with me being sick and all.  Oh and also I am one of the world's biggest perfectionists and so it is much easier for me to just do everything myself.  That way it is done correctly, according to me. 

However, I know it is very important to teach kids how to work and that they need to help around the house.  In my family growing up we were always helping my mom/dad when we were little.  It was part of being in the family.  Hard work was something my dad really ingrained in me.  So I want to help Hannelore have that same desire to work hard.  

I started this chore chart a few days ago and so far Hannelore is loving it.  It is almost like a game to her.  She has so much fun closing the "doors".  She has been telling everyone about it.  I know this won't last forever, but for now I am embracing the fact that she is having fun with it.  

So do you want to know how to make one of these for your own kids?!  It is so simple.  

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Materials needed: 
  1. Cut the manila folder or folders depending on how many chores you want to have your kid(s) to have.  Cut the manila folder so that on the top there is 3" above the fold and there is 2.5" below the fold.  (see picture below)
    Manila folder
  2. Cut the slits in the bottom part of the chore chart.  I wanted there to be 6 daily chores that Hannelore did.  So I cut my slits 1 15/16" so that I could fit 6 chores on one manila folder. 
    manila folder, paper cutter
  3.  Either print your own pictures or print clip art that resembles what the chore is.  I did some personal photos and some clip art.  Then cut pictures out to fit behind the slits.  Mine were 1.75" x 1.75".  Adhere to the top part of the chore chart. 
    pictures, clip art, photos, adhesive, manila folder
  4.   Print the actual chores on colored paper (I used card stock).  Then adhere them to the bottom portion of the corresponding slit.  
  5. Next attach the magnet strips to the slits.  The easiest way for me to get the magnets to match up perfectly is to stick the magnets together.  Then adhere one of the magnet strips to the flap part (bottom part) and then close the flap and therefore adhering it to where the magnets will actually meet on the top part of the chore chart. 
    clip art, magnet strips, adhesive, chores, photos
  6. You can stop there or you can make additional chore charts if you want more chore options.  I wanted Hannelore to have weekly chores.  So I put those on separate little squares.  That way I can pick what I need help with on Monday, Tuesday, and so on each week.  I plan on giving her the daily chores and 1-2 weekly chores each day.  
    chores, magnet strips, pictures, clip art
  7. To keep the weekly chores all together and organized I put them in a little container and have it close to the fridge (which is where I have the chore chart).  
    toddlers, chores, simple
  8. Like I said I have the chore chart on the fridge.  So I put long strips of magnets on the back so it could stick to the fridge.  
    chores, toddlers, budget friendly, manila folder
Once she finishes a chore she will shut the flap and move on to the next one.  It is really easy for her to know what the chore is because of the picture, but the words are still there to hopefully help her learn words as well.  

toddlers, chores, simple, fun

Examples of chores that I picked for her:
  • Get dressed
  • Clean room (morning)
  • Pick up toys, books, and clothes (at end of the night)
  • Set table for dinner
  • Clear place after dinner
  • Brush teeth 
  • Empty trash cans (weekly)
  • Wipe down table and counters (weekly)
  • Dust (weekly)
  • Weed (weekly)
  • Fold wash clothes (weekly)
  • Match socks (weekly) 
  • Ask mom (weekly)
    • Wipe down kitchen chairs
    • Put utensils away
    • Wash baseboards in a room
    • Wipe window sills in a room
    • Wipe down kitchen cabinets 
    • Anything else I need help with

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Unknown said...

It's pretty neat and obviously simple and attractive for a toddler to follow. You have organized a great work.

Sandra Henslee said...

This is so nice and easy for a toddler to use. I need one for my grandson! Pinning!

alee said...

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