May 21, 2015

Family Survival Kit Baby Shower Gift

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I have so many friends that are having baby's right now.  It is so exciting, but it can always be hard to come up with a fun gift to give at a shower.  I have done the "favorites" gift so much that I had to come up with something else.  

I thought about doing a mommy survival kit, like the ones you have seen all over Pinterest.  Then I started thinking about it.  The baby is such a great blessing, but wow that little baby can turn the family upside down for a bit.  The baby changes the whole family.  That's when I decided to do a family survival kit instead.  

It is a really simple gift and can be very inexpensive if you want it to be!  You will need one gift for every member of the family (including the new baby).  You could also do a combined kids gift if the family has a bunch of kids already or if you have NO idea what to get each of the kids.

Gift suggestions: 

For mom:

  1. Spa gift certificate (more of a splurge) 
  2. Body lotion
  3. Mom's favorite treat and/or drink
  4. Book
  5. Bath soak and face mask (what I went with)
For dad:
  1. Dad's favorite treat and/or drink (what I went with)
  2. Movie
  3. Redbox gift certificate
  4. Book
  5. Gift card to iTunes or Google Play
For kids:
  1. Their favorite treats
  2. If you decide to give one gift to all the kids you could do a game
  3. If you decide to give one gift to all the kids you could do a Redbox gift certificate 
  4. Their favorite toy or type of toy (what I went with)
  5. Movie for all the kids to enjoy
For the baby:
  1. Wipes
  2. Diapers
  3. New clothes
  4. Blanket
  5. PJ's (this is what I went with because I am seriously in love with these PJ's...they are the best)
After you have all the gifts then you can tie them with tulle or ribbon (see examples above) or leave them plain as well.  I did the girl's gifts with tulle and the boys didn't have anything attached to them.  
Next, attach the gift "labels".  I have 3 "For" labels for the individual kids' names or you can write "Kids" if you are giving them one combined gift.  

Click the image to download the printable without the watermark.

Lastly, you can group all the presents together in a cute basket, a container the mom can use for baby items after the baby comes, or in a bag (like seen at the top of the post).  Attach the printable below to whatever container you choose. 

Click the image to download the printable without the watermark.

I have given this gift to a few friends now and every time I do I get comments from the mom to be and shower guests.  Everyone loves this idea.  I hope you love it too! 

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