May 28, 2015

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day has come and gone.  Now before we know it Father's Day will be here.  Start planning now so it does not sneak up on you.  I have put together five different ideas that are unusual, but will not break the bank.  Many of these ideas can be used last minute (in case you wait that long), but let's get started now so you don't have to stress last minute.  

1. A relaxing gift - The Manly Way from Darling Doodles:  This gift is perfect for dad.  Usually dad is working hard so why not give him the gift of being a couch potato for the day.  I'm sure he wouldn't complain at all.  

2.  Customized board book from From the Fence Post:  This is such a great idea.  If you start planning now then you can get pictures to go exactly with the words as well.  However, any pictures would work great with this book.  Dad would LOVE to get a gift like this. 

3.  Lawn Mower Cupcakes from The Celebration Shoppe:  SUCH A CUTE IDEA!  I mean these are  the cutest cupcakes I have ever seen.  The ingredients sound amazing too!

4.  I'm hooked on your daddy canvas from Glued to My Crafts:  This is such a great way to have the kids involved in making a gift for daddy, especially young kids.  Those make the best gifts.

5.  World's Best Pop from Creatively Christy:  I am actually doing this one for my dad.  Hannelore calls him Papa.  So I will probably add an "a" to the end so it looks like "POPA".  

I hope you enjoyed this list and can put one or some of these ideas to use!  Let's make this Father's Day very special for all those fathers and grandfathers in our lives.  They deserve it! 

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1 comment:

Cassie said...

I love #1 the most! I'm a big fan of giving "events" as gifts instead of things.

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