Jun 25, 2015

3 Creative Ways to Say Thank You

I think saying thank you is so very important.  In same ways it is a lost thing.  So many people in today's world expect so much and tend to not say thank you when someone does something extraordinary or is kind.  

I LOVE handwritten thank you cards from friends and family.  I know that other's enjoy them as well.  I try and say thank you as much as possible to all those who I come in contact with.  

I wrote a post awhile ago with different ways to say thank you.   The post included printables to attach to gifts if you wanted to go the extra mile.  I love giving a little gift with a thank you card.  I decided to create three more printables and gift ideas to go with them.  

Words are powerless to express my gratitude.

3 Creative Ways to Say Thank You

I thought a word search was perfect to go with this tag.  This thank you gift could honestly be given for any reason that you are thankful to someone.  It is versatile and it is inexpensive, but the recipient will know you went the extra mile to say thank you.  

Your version of shine is a search light.  Thanks for spreading so much good.

3 Creative Ways to Say Thank You

We all have those people that influence us and others around them for the better.  I thought this gift would be perfect for such a person.  People like that are amazing individuals and I think it is great to recognize that and show them that their actions are appreciated.  

You're a spark for good.  Thanks for igniting something wonderful.

3 Creative Ways to Say Thank You

This gift would be perfect for someone who started something wonderful.  It could be a movement, a challenge, really anything.  People like that should be recognized because we need more of them in this crazy world we live in.  The gift idea with this tag is sparklers (you can't really tell from the picture).

I hope this inspires you to look for the good in others and to show those individuals how thankful you are for them! 

free printables

Click HERE to download your own gift tags!  

Check out more ways to say thank you in the first post that I wrote about thank you gifts! 

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