Jun 9, 2015

Stay Sane Cleaning Series Step 10: Wash windows

Norwex, cleaning, washing
Who's ready for the next step of the cleaning series?!  This is a step that many, many people look over.  It usually only gets done when the windows are so far past gross.  I can promise you this, if you give your windows some TLC each week then you will be happy.

This step requires a timer.  If you don't set the timer then you will be hating life by the end of this step.  It's all in the baby steps.  I am not about breaking my back to get something done.  As long as I see progression then I am happy.  It is the best piece of advice I can give to anyone. 

For this step I set the timer for 10 minutes.  That is it!  Really you can get a lot of windows cleaned in 10 minutes.  I do this weekly every Tuesday.

Once the timer goes off then I finish the window that I am currently cleaning and make note of where I left off.  That way I can start someplace new each week.  I have got it down to where I wash each window in our house once a month.

Currently I use Norwex items to clean the windows.  I use a wet EnviroCloth to wet the windows down.  Then I dry the window with the Window Cloth.  I love using these Norwex items for numerous reasons, but the main reasons are that they clean the windows so nicely and do not leave streaks AND because I only have to use water.  That is so nice because I don't have the smell of chemicals in my house and it saves me money over the long run.  

clean, windows, wash, Norwex
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WCSKumar said...

Do you make your own homemade window cleaning solutions?
I've done mine mostly with warm water, vinegar (or ammonia), some dish washing detergent. And I use squeegees and scrubbers. Its the most efficient way when you've got a bunch of windows to clean.

Shambray said...

I have used a similar solution! If I am in cleaning the inside of the windows I use the Norwex clothes that are in the picture.

Unknown said...

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