Jul 2, 2015

July energy quote + My thoughts about blogging

path, energy, imagination
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Here is the quote I will be focusing on for the month of July.  I love this quote and I felt like it was perfect to focus on this month because I started this blog one year ago and this quote explains the way I feel.  I had never thought of blogging until last year.  The thought seriously never crossed my mind.  Then one day in May the thought came to me.  

So I started reading books about blogging.  I started reading a lot of blogs.  I also started falling in love with blogs and bloggers.  I loved how they could express themselves and how they could create their own space on the web.  I loved to see the different personalities and learn so many things. 

That is when I decided to take the plunge.  I was a little scared because when you put things on the internet you open up the possibilities for criticism and negative comments.  I did not want that and I also did not want to fail.  

However, I wanted to inspire others.  I wanted to share my talents with others and help others see the potential in themselves.  I knew that blogging was the way for me to do that. 

So I started coming up with blog post ideas and started talking to people about being contributors.  The more I worked at it the more energy I had.  I would also come up with ideas I had never thought of and get really excited to post about them.  

This quote is a perfect way to describe what I feel when I work on my blog.  I love it.  It might be a lot of work, but I love the work while doing it.  There have been a few negative comments, but in general people are amazing and wonderful.  They inspire me while I inspire them.  I have been able to connect with people in ways I never would have without starting this blog.  I love it!

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