Oct 21, 2015

Easy Frozen Themed Pumpkins

Sven, Kristoff, Olaf, Anna, Elsa

"Mommy.  Can we make Frozen pumpkins?"  My daughter asked me.  I took a deep breath and thought, "Really?  Those are some intricate demands."  I was thinking about all the details in the faces of each of the characters she wanted to make the pumpkins look like.  I started instantly having a panic attack.  If it was just me that is one thing, but I knew she couldn't do all the details and I knew her attention wouldn't last long enough to watch me do it.  

So I had a problem and yet I wanted to help her achieve her dream.  I wanted to do something with her and make the pumpkins look like she wanted.  Frozen is a HUGE part of our life.  I keep thinking that one day she will grow out of it or move on to something else.  For awhile she does move on, but she ALWAYS comes back to Frozen.  

So back to the problem at hand.  What was I going to do to help my sweet daughter achieve "Frozen" pumpkins?  Then it hit me.  AHA!  I knew what I was going to do!  

Our "Frozen" pumpkins
Check out these ideas for decorating pumpkins like the movie Frozen.
I will go over them one by one, but I can promise you they are fast they are easy.  So fast and so easy that my three year old daughter was entertained the whole time.  These might not be exactly what you want to do, but hopefully you can get inspiration from them.  First off I used the little pumpkins because they are far more manageable for a three year old than a bigger pumpkin.  

Easy Frozen Themed Pumpkins
Hannelore painted the pumpkin a light blue and she also sprinkled the blue glitter on it.  It was so simple and so easy and she knew EXACTLY who this pumpkin represented.  This was the first pumpkin that we made.  

Easy Frozen Themed Pumpkins
Hannelore painted this pumpkin brown.  We were in the process of looking for branches for his antlers when I remembered she had the antlers in a Frozen Play-Doh pack she got at her birthday party.  So we used a screwdriver to make a hole for the antlers to stick into.  I think he's kind of cute don't you?! (wink)  This was the second pumpkin that we made and I think by this time she knew that we were making pumpkins that were LIKE the characters and not actually the character faces.  

Easy Frozen Themed Pumpkins
Hannelore painted the pumpkin white.  However, I taped off the nose part so that it would stay orange.  Then I printed the Olaf printable, but changed the printer setting to print it to 3x5 (that way it was small).  Then I used it as a template so I could paint on his face.  I think Hannelore thought it was awesome that I painted on his face.  

Easy Frozen Themed Pumpkins
This was the hardest one and I had to help Hannelore the most with this one.  All you need to do is pick two colors that are close to the blue and the reddish purple in Anna's dress.  Then follow the natural lines of the pumpkins.  You can tape off the lines, but we didn't do that since we are doing it together and she did not care.  Then we sprinkled it with purple glitter.  

Easy Frozen Themed Pumpkins
This one was the most abstract of them all to begin with.  Hannelore was adamant about him being black and brown mixed together.  So that is what Hannelore did.  Then when she went to bed I was uncertain with how plain he was.  I felt like he needed a bit more.  So I decided to scratch off the outline of his face so the orange from the pumpkin was showing through (to do this I utilized his template from the same website I did Olaf's face with).  I was a bit scared she would be mad that I did that, but she loves the way he turned out.  I had to remind myself that these pumpkins were for her so I needed to not over-complicate them and be happy with the little imperfections.    

Now that I look back to my panic attack I laugh, because I am so glad I did this with my daughter.  She is so very pleased with these pumpkins.  She is telling everyone about them that we talk to.  She is beaming about how they turned out and the smile on her face makes me happy.  

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Unknown said...

These are so cute! I love the blue glitter and the Anna one the best. Great job!!

Anonymous said...

Too cute!!! Absolutely adorable ideas and what a sweet take on scary jack-o-lanterns.

Shambray said...

Thank you. Those are my daughter's favorites too.

Shambray said...

Yes. My daughter is scared of the jack-o-lanterns. So these worked out perfectly.

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