Oct 4, 2015

Family Home Evening: October 2015

God, the Eternal Father, Jesus Christ, Holy Ghost
Disclaimer: This post is about my faith.  If that makes you uncomfortable then please stop reading.  It is not my intention to make my readers feel awkward in any way.  I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I am very proud of that part of me and I love the church with all my heart.

In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints the family is key.  Every Monday night is devoted toward "Family Home Evening".  It is a time to spend with the family so individuals can grow together as a family as well as closer to our Savior.  I try and do something spiritual every week, although, some weeks it will be spent with the family in a more casual setting.

I have started this Family Home Evening Series to help ME be more organized, but at the same time I ended up helping other families.  So I thought I would continue doing this series to hopefully help us all spend more time with our families.  Once again the lessons are short, because Hannelore is still young.

Jesus Christ, Holy Ghost, God, the Eternal Father

This month I am doing it a bit different.  I am actually going to strictly follow another website.  The reason why is that we have done the "Follow the Prophet" and the "Living the Gospel from Head to Toes" lesson series already and they have been some of Hannelore's favorite FHE's.  I would have to say that so far the "Follow the Prophet" lesson series has been her favorite.  

This month we are going to do the "First Article of Faith" lesson series.  It is perfect because there are four Monday's in October and there are four lessons in this series.  I looked at each of the lessons and there isn't anything I am going to change.  I usually like to change things to make them work for Hannelore, but I think this will be perfect for her just the way it is.  

I am so excited for her to learn more about God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost.  I hope she can get closer to each of them through learning more about them this month!  
Holy Ghost, God, the Eternal Father, Jesus Christ

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