Nov 30, 2015

Simple, yet Happy Christmas Countdown

Chinese take out boxes, Cricut
This year during the Christmas season it has been a bit unusual.  I simply don't have the resources to do as much as I used to.  We have had some things happen that have made the budget a little tight.  My accounting work has been extremely stressful the last few months and it is taking a toll on me.  Then to top it off I have a sweet new baby and she has been a good baby for the most part, but November was a rough month for her.  She was struggling with tummy issues.  So we had a lot of screaming going on around here.  

Due to all of these things along with the little things in life piled on top, I have been what you would like to call a "stress case".  I have been trying to hold it together and be strong.  Sometimes that trying works out and sometimes I fail....miserably.  However, this is not the reason for the post.  I will do a whole blog post on it in the near future.  

Today I want to talk about a solution that I have for a Christmas countdown when you are feeling overwhelmed and don't think you can add one more thing to your plate.  It is a solution if you don't have a ton of time or money.  I love Christmas countdowns because it can keep the excitement of the Christmas season under control because there is something to look forward to each day.  

I had a million ideas running through my head on what my Christmas countdown was going to look like.  Then I had to step back and ask myself what could I give to it without making myself even more crazy.  What could I do that would help my sweet daughter have fun during December, but wouldn't throw me over the crazy edge?

Introducing the simple, yet happy Christmas countdown!

Cricut, Chinese take out boxes

This post contains some affiliate links, which means if you purchase the items using some of the links then I will be paid a small commission.  However, every item I talk about in this post I truly love and use often. 

It was so very simple and you can change it up in many ways.  Here are the simple steps to make this countdown:

1.  Gather your supplies.  
  • Chinese take out boxes
  • Colored paper (I chose red because I wanted to use gold vinyl that I had and red looks good with white and gold)
  • Vinyl (I used gold.  You could also use another card stock and glue it to the other color of paper.  I liked the vinyl for 2 reasons.  #1  I had it.  #2 I didn't have to pull out glue since the vinyl is sticky.  Stickers work too.) 
  • Cricut Machine, mats, and tools (this machine is amazing and I highly recommend it.  However, if you don't have one and do not want to purchase one then see my notes below on how to achieve this countdown without it)
  • 3D Adhesive
  • Items to put in the boxes
    • Candy, small toys, activities you can do together (I did some of each of these)   

2.  Cut out the circles.  I used my Cricut.  If you don't have a Cricut you can use a punch or even trace a circle and cut it out by hand.  Use what works best for you!  

Simple, yet Happy Christmas Countdown

3.  Cut out the numbers.  Again, I used my Cricut and to cut out the vinyl.  You could write the numbers on the circles or you could use number stickers.

Simple, yet Happy Christmas Countdown

4.  Attach numbers to the circles.  

Simple, yet Happy Christmas Countdown

5.  Place a large foam square on the back of the circle. 

Simple, yet Happy Christmas Countdown

6.  Attach the foam square to the take out box.  Note: if you have something else around your house that would work other than take out boxes then great!  Use them.  I had these take out boxes and I am in love with gold and white right now so I thought it was perfect.  

Simple, yet Happy Christmas Countdown

7.  Fill each of the boxes with surprises.  

Simple, yet Happy Christmas Countdown

Simple, yet Happy Christmas Countdown

Simple, yet Happy Christmas Countdown

8.  Set them up somewhere as a display or give your child/children one each day.  I am going to have our elf hide with each one.  Our elf doesn't do anything naughty.  Every year she just hides somewhere new.  Hannelore has so much fun searching for her.  So this year she will take these boxes with her.  

Simple, yet Happy Christmas Countdown

I had to stop myself from decorating the boxes more.  I started out wanting to do that, but then time did not allow it.  It is simple, but it will perfect for Hannelore and that is who this is for right?  I am so excited for her to get her first one tomorrow!   

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Bob said...

Fun! Combine that with my current post about simple service and every day could open a new service idea. Bam! Mind blown hahahaaha.

Kim said...

This is adorable! I love it!!!

Jessie Larson said...

Super cute and easy, just what this preggo mama needs! And hopefully you got those tummy issues figured out, poor baby!

Unknown said...

Love love love! I love different advent calendar ideas!

Shambray said...

I thought the same thing! I loved your service ideas. They are on our countdown for sure!

Shambray said...

Thank you so much!

Shambray said...

We got the tummy issues more under control. She still has her days. So sad. I'm so excited for you and your sweet baby to be here. Feb, right?

Shambray said...

So do I. I wish I could do them all.

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