Dec 6, 2015

Who Else Wants to be Organized and on top of things in 2016?

Mormon Mom Planner, Bookmark, stickers, pen holder

I received a planner and accessories in exchange for writing a review on the blog.

Having a new baby seriously makes me loose my mind for a good year.  Honestly, I am not just saying that.  It drives me crazy and I needed something to help me stay on top of it.  I couldn't forget one more thing!  I like to keep all my schedules in one place (personal, work, blog, church, etc.).  I also wanted to try and make my planner this year also my journal.  Currently they are separate and I want to see how combining them works for me.

I have been searching for the perfect planner for months now.  I liked so many, but kept searching.  Then I found the one I knew I needed back in October.  I love it so much I want to share it with you because I want you to be organized this year and love it as well.

Pen holder, Stickers, planner bookmark

I found out about this planner from my mom initially when she ordered one for herself in August.  Then I found out my cousin had the 2015 version so I looked at hers and knew I needed one.  It is called the Mormon Mom Planner.  It is geared towards Mormon moms (if you not Mormon and/or not a mom then there are amazing products as well...see details below).

Let me highlight some of the features of the planner.  Then I will go into detail about what is inside.

  • January-December 2016
  • Size: 6" x 9" and .75" thick
  • Laminated cover with rounded corners
  • Spiral bound 
  • Monthly tabs and dividers
  • Very cute designs
  • Double sided paper pocket
  • Zip-loc plastic pocket
  • Tabs have inspiring quotes (which I love)
  • There is PLENTY of room for notes (which I also love)
  • The colors are so amazing 
Holiday planning pages, In the Leafy Treetops

There are so many great details I want to share with you, but I will start with the Holiday Planning Pages.  I love this because the holidays can be so chaotic and these pages help you keep all the details together in one place.  There are planning pages for Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  Thanksgiving and Easter have 2 pages of planning and Christmas has 10.  There is everything from gift planning, stocking stuffers, Christmas card lists, to do lists, decorations, traditions, and meal planning.  

Family Home Evening pages, Life organized

Next thing I want to share is the Family Night planning pages.  This helps keep track of everything in regards to family night.  It also has a place to write down notes from family councils you might have.  
Sunday lessons, Mothers who know

There is a 2 page spread of Sunday lessons and teaching.  There is plenty of room to take notes on Sunday, make to-do lists, and see what they lessons are for that month.  I love this because I try and take notes and then I set my notes somewhere and can't find them.  This way they will be with me everyday so I can look them up where ever I am.  

Who Else Wants to be Organized and on top of things in 2016?

There is a monthly planner.  It is simple and I love that.  There are places for notes on these pages and every monthly planner starts out with a "How can I strengthen my relationship with..." planning sheet.  Genius!

Who Else Wants to be Organized and on top of things in 2016?

There are also weekly planners.  Again it is simple.  There is a 3 row design that I love.  This way I can have the top row be personal.  The middle will be blog/work.  Then the bottom will be my journal part.  Each week includes a daily checklist for prayer, scriptures, and other daily tasks you might want to establish.  There is a notes section on each of the weekly planners.  That way I can keep track of my ideas, inspirations, and any other random thoughts I need to write down.  

blank spread, in the leafy treetops

There is a "Whatever you want" Spread (do you like my made up name):  This can be used for almost anything...exercise, menu, activities with kids, really whatever you need help keeping under control.  Right now I am using it for menu planning, but that might change throughout the year.  I guess we will see.

Who Else Wants to be Organized and on top of things in 2016?

There is a financial management sheet to help keep track of your finances throughout the month.

Who Else Wants to be Organized and on top of things in 2016?

There is a section for keeping track of birthdays and anniversaries.  

Book of Mormon reading page, Life Organized

There is a Book of Mormon reading chart.  I love this because it is my goal to read the Book of Mormon again this year.  

Thank you card tracker, Mothers who know

Thank you Card Tracker:  I am a HUGE supporter of thank you cards.  So this page made my heart smile.

Who Else Wants to be Organized and on top of things in 2016?

Visiting Teaching Pages to help you remember and keep track of the sisters you visit.

Who Else Wants to be Organized and on top of things in 2016?

Family Focus Section includes pages to keep track of your spouse and children’s wants, needs, and individual information.  This is great for keeping track of it all, but also a fun little journaling area to look back on in future years. 

I can't stop smiling when I pick this planner up and write in it.  I love the design and I love how it is making my life more organized and less chaotic.  

Pick up one for yourself HERE!  There is also a Mom-on-the-Go planner.  This is a planner for you if you do not want the church related things in there.  It is the same thing as listed above, just without the church related pages.  There is also an Academic Simple Planner.  This planner is great if you are a college student or teenager.  It is great for woman that want a smaller planner as well.  

Also check out the accessories that were included in the picture at the top of the post.  

Adhesive Pen Holder: Great so you don't have to go searching for a pen 
Cute LDS Planner Stickers:  Who doesn't like cute stickers?
Planner Bookmark: Simple solution to be able to flip to the current week 

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