Jun 1, 2016

Happy Through Trials: A Mother Watching Her Son Suffer From Cancer

Happy Through Trials

I'm so excited to share with you something I have been thinking about for many, many months.  This is a series that will include some of this world's most amazing women.  Each Wednesday, there will be a new post that will go live sharing a story about a woman that is going through something that is VERY hard.  Although, she is going through something very hard they each remain happy.  That doesn't diminish the pain they are feeling.  

The purpose of this series is to help each of us through our own trials.  We all have trials.  We all have things that make life sometimes seem impossible.  It is my hope that you can feel the strength from these amazing women.  

The first woman to share her story and her thoughts about how she can remain happy through the trial she is going through is, Stephanie Dirks.  You can follow her at www.randydirksfamily.blogspot.com.  Read her story below.
A woman whose son was diagnosed with cancer

Early in January 2014, my 12-year old son, Caden, became ill with what we thought was a viral infection.  One of our other daughters had the same symptoms, so after she was diagnosed with it, we just assumed that Caden had the same thing.  Like her, he got better after just four days.  However, a few days later, he became sick again, getting sicker by the day.  After a night of sleeplessness, excruciating pain, vomiting, and what we thought was extreme constipation, we took him into the ER.  

“We have found a large mass in your son’s liver.  Life Flight will be here in 10 minutes.”

I will never forget the confusion and surreal emotions that flooded my mind and body at those words.  That morning a nurse had told us that it sounded like Caden had pneumonia.  Now he could have cancer?!  I had cried hearing he may have pneumonia— "Can we take that now, instead?", I thought.   

Happy Through Trials

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