Oct 30, 2016

Throw a Onederland Party That is Pinterest Worthy

1st birthday party, Alice in Wonderland, simple, easy
My baby girl turned one!  This is a big deal and I have very mixed emotions about it. Does anyone else feel like turning one is such a big deal?  Please tell me you do so I don't feel so crazy.  

I have talked to many moms who aren't really birthday party people.  They don't enjoy throwing parties.  However, all of them felt like the first birthday was one that needed to be celebrated in kind of in a big way.  

Now who else is with me when I say that the first year after having a baby is quite crazy?  I DO deal with post partum anxiety so I might have it a little worse than other moms, but that first year brings a lot of change.  Planning a birthday party when your energy tank is on empty seems impossible.  Do you agree? 

Well I did it!  I still pulled off a Pinterest worthy first birthday for my baby girl and honestly it wasn't crazy leading up to it.  I will throw in that I planned for it to be outside.  It was in August and honestly we hadn't had rain in months.  There was no rain in the forecast, even the morning of.  So I set up everything outside.  A couple hours before the party start time and after everything had been set up there were tiny rain drops that started to fall.  My sweet husband put a canopy over it and we hoped for the best.  We thought it would blow over.  Luckily we got through most of it, but towards the end the sky opened and it didn't just rain.  It DUMPED water!  It was insane.  (I will post pictures to show you how crazy it was.)  Honestly that was the only stressful part of the whole party.

Great ideas for an Alice in Onederland (wonderland) first birthday.

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