Feb 2, 2017

Value of the Month - Courage Quotes

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Teaching values in today's world can be quite tough.  The world is full of the opposite of the values I want to teach my girls.  The first value we focused on in January was honesty.  Unfortunately, this world is filled with dishonesty, lying, cheating, and lack of trust.  

This month we are focusing on the value courage.  Once again in today's world you HAVE to be courageous if you are going to stand above the rest.  You will have to go against the popular thing many times and it is a very uncomfortable place to be.  

My oldest daughter especially is not a risk taker.  She is very cautious and quite scared of everything.  In a way it is nice because she hasn't been hurt that much, but I do want her to have courage.  I want her to not be so afraid all the time.  I am hoping if I start now then it might be easier when she gets older. 

I have said this before, but I love to put quotes up around the house to help our family remember what the value is for the month.  I have also incorporated my "word of the year" in these quotes as well.  I always have done chalkboard art on my chalkboard in my kitchen, but this year I am making them quotes as well.  

Then I will make a printable to put around my home.  I will also make this a free printable for you in case you like the quote and want to display it in your home as well.

Get a free printable for a motivational quote about courage.
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I love this quote for the very reasons that I talked about at the beginning of this post.  This world can be such an evil and dark place.  But to LOVE IT takes courage.  That is the courage I want to have.  Even when I want to give up on this world at times I want to have courage to love it and love it deeply.  

Then in regards to the quote at the top of this post that is on my chalkboard, I LOVE THIS QUOTE!  I knew I had to have it big.  Isn't it so true?  If you are being courageous then it is always an act of love.  At times this might be self love (which is important as well).  I hope to be able to learn this value as much as my daughters this month.  

This link is an affiliate link (which means I would earn a very small commission if you were to buy using this link), but I bought this book years ago and use it daily in my home.  It is a must in my library and I like to share things of value to my you!

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