Jun 8, 2017

Picture Books That Teach Fidelity & Chastity

Picture Books That Teach Fidelity & Chastity
This isn't an easy topic to teach kids even as they get older.  It is a subject that most parents really don't love talking about.  However, it is such an important topic to teach children about.  

In today's world I get that I am putting my neck out there to say that I believe that chastity is important.  Many people feel it is old fashioned.  I feel otherwise, but I also DO NOT judge others.  I DO want to teach my kids the values of chastity though.  

Fidelity is a little more accepted, but there is a HUGE problem with people having affairs in today's world.   Again I went to picture books, but seriously there are not ANY picture books that teach fidelity and chastity exactly.  
Picture Books That Teach Fidelity & Chastity

I am going to teach my girls body parts and how boys differ from girls.  I also want to teach them modesty and what is considered a "private" body part.  So those are the books I found to teach these values.

I will say that each of these books raised questions with my five year old.  However, that is a good thing.  We kind of live in a crazy world and I feel these things need to be talked about.

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Picture Books That Teach Fidelity & Chastity

This was the first book that we read and my daughter said, "I didn't really like that book."  But in the end she said she wanted to include it in the list.  I like how it simplifies what is considered a "private part".  That is where the questions began.  Honestly, I think this wasn't her favorite at first because it really didn't have a story line.  

Picture Books That Teach Fidelity & Chastity

The only reason why my daughter didn't like this book was because the pictures were only yellow and black.  She's all about the details.  This one is great because it goes into a little more detail, but at the same time it is simplified.  There is a bit more of a story line and so she liked that. 

Picture Books That Teach Fidelity & Chastity

This one has the most story line and the best pictures.  So it captivated my daughter the most.  However, it doesn't go into a lot of detail.  I do like how it teaches that you are in charge of your body and you can say no, even if it is someone you love.  If they love you they won't be mad.

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Once again, my basis for choosing values each month comes from the book, Teaching Your Children Values.  (This link is an affiliate link which means that if you purchase something after clicking on this link I will be paid a very small commission.  However, my love for this book started way before this post was written.) 
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