Aug 29, 2018

September Self Care Challenge

September Self Care Challenge
Self care isn't just important.  It is necessary.  However, it is something almost EVERYONE looks over.  We fill our lives with so much stuff that there is no time to just be, to just reflect, to slow down and think, or to take care of small and simple things.  That is why I am doing these self care challenges.  This September self care challenge is not going to disappoint.  

My Monthly Focus
September Self Care Challenge
Every month I focus on a new goal.  I like monthly goals because it can create a habit.  I made a monthly goal in July and August and both of those months helped me create amazing habits that have been life changing.  

This month I am focusing on a new goal of daily affirmations.  I used to do this everyday for a good 6 months and then I only did it periodically.  Affirmations are so powerful.  Our mind is so powerful and if we feed are mind with good thoughts then our mind can do great things in a powerful and wonderful way.

Here are some great resources to use when deciding your daily affirmations:

You can make up your own and that is a great thing to do.  I did that and am planning on doing that this month.  I am excited to do this.  If you haven't tried this before then you must try it before you knock it.  It works.  I promise. 

 Explanation of contest
September Self Care Challenge
If you are new here then you will find out that another fun thing that I will be doing every month will be holding a contest to go along with the challenge.  Here is how you enter:
  1. Download the self care challenge calendar.
  2. Snap a picture of you completing the challenge each day and post it on Instagram with the hashtag #sept2018selfcare.  Each picture that you post will be an entry into the challenge giveaway.  (Make sure to make the pictures public or else I can't see them unless I follow you.  Better yet tag me in it!)
  3. Join our Facebook group and post pictures on the Facebook group of you completing the challenges.  Each picture posted will be an entry into the giveaway. 
  4. Also, leave a comment on this post below and tell me your personal goal in regards to the monthly focus (daily affirmations).  This will be worth 5 points.  
  5. Also you have to follow MK with Morgan in order to win!  (If you don't have Instagram then email me.  We will work something out.)
September Self Care Challenge
I am so excited to share with you the prize for September.  Charcoal masks are huge right now, but I love how this pack is paired with a moisturizing mask as well! Here are some benefits and some things to be looking forward to when it comes to using these masks:
  • The charcoal mask will deeply cleanse your skin. 
  • The gel mask will instantly hydrate your skin.  It also softens, smooths, and firms your skin.  
  • You will get to use these at home to give yourself some love.  It is easy.  You don't even need a babysitter. 
After you try these you will continue to want to pamper your skin and yourself.

Breakdown of certain days "challenges"
Join us for the September Self Care Challenge and get entered to win an amazing giveaway prize!
Some of these links contain affiliate links which means if you purchase after clicking on the link I will receive a very small commission.  I wholeheartedly recommend these items and commission would never sway me to recommend something I could not think is worth every penny.

I have provided some suggestions, ideas, and tips for SOME of the day's challenges.  They are all simple, maybe not easy, but simple.

Day 1: Say a prayer of gratitude only.  Just give thanks.  Do not ask for anything.  This is really powerful and I have been doing it daily for a month now.  You will see great results in your soul.  If you do not pray then take this time for grateful meditation.

Day 2: Go to bed early!:  Go to bed an hour earlier than when you usually do.

Day 3: Set a goal to help lessen a weakness.  Think of all the weaknesses that you want to try and get better at.  Set a VERY SPECIFIC goal in regards to that weakness.  Make sure the goal is measurable AND make sure you set a "due date".

Day 4: Set a dentist appointment.  When I asked my Instagram followers and the members of the Facebook group what they needed help on in regards to self care I got a lot of responses that needed help with making sure they take care of their teeth better.  So I wanted to put this challenge in there.  If you have an appointment set up in the next 6 months then you are good to go.  If not then search out a dentist if you don't have one and set an appointment.  PLEASE!

Day 5: Set an appointment with an OB/GYN.  This is so important for women's health.  If you have an appointment within the next year then you are good to go.  If not then get one set!  ASAP!

Day 6: Set an appointment with an optometrist.  This is something so many of us overlook, me included.  So this is so good for me. Make an appointment within a year and you will be good to go!

Day 7: Watch everything you eat today.  Mindful eating is so important.  It can tell you a lot about yourself.  So of course try to put nourishing foods into your body, but if you put something that isn't nourishing do a check and see what your body is craving and how you can help yourself make better choices.

Day 8: Do something for your spouse.  This is so important if you are married.  If you aren't married then do it for a significant other, good friend, or family member.

Day 9:  Do an at home facial, pedicure, or manicure.  Get a hold of some Color Street strips and you will be loving life.  Or get the masks that are part of the giveaway and your face will thank you.  If your feet need some extra love then grab this tool and put some lotion on your feet afterwards.  Paint your toes for an extra bonus!

Day 10: Pursue one of your hobbies.  Hobbies come in all shapes and sizes.  It doesn't have to be crafting (although it can) or photography (although it can).  It can be organizing, planning, cooking,  playing a musical instrument, or reading.  The list goes on and on.

Day 13: Have a "night off".  If you are a mom then these are NECESSARY!  Please do this for yourself.  If you have any questions then please ask me, because this is important.

Day 15: Do yoga or just stretch.  I was VERY surprised to find out that a lot of people don't like doing yoga.  If you are one of those people then just give your muscles a great stretch today.

Day 17:  Healthy meal prep for one week.  Better yet sign up for The Vibrant Bite and they will meal prep the week for you, plus give you 3 workouts for the week.  (Seriously if you haven't tried this then this is the time to do so.  It is an amazing service and risk free.  Just try it for a month.  Don't forget to use code SHAMBRAY10 for $10 off your first month)

Day 18:  Try an exercise class.  There are so many I want to try.  Maybe I will try them all this month.

Day 20: Make a smoothie.  I don't know what it is about this one, but I want to have it right now so bad!

Day 22: Eat slowly and mindfully.  Be thankful for the food you are putting into your body.  This is a great way to have a healthy relationship with food.  Thankfulness goes a long way.

Day 23: Drink some hot chocolate.  I don't care if it is warm outside.  Do it anyways.  Your inner child will LOVE you for it.

Day 24: Power clean your house.  So here is what you are going to do.  Set your time for 10 minutes and clean as much as you can in those 10 minutes!

Day 25: Do something kids love to do.  This might be jumping on the tramp or with a jump rope.  Maybe it is hopscotch or swinging on swings.  Just be a kid for a minute.

Day 26: Go running.  Better yet why don't you start a running group or if you know of one to join then join that one.

Day 27: Sit in sun for 15 minutes.  If it is too cold outside then sit by the window with the sun on your face.

Day 29: Read part of a self development book.  If you have already read one and want to go back and read some highlighted parts then do that.  If you have one you want to start then get reading it.  Here are some of my favorites:
(I actually haven't read this one, but it is on my bookshelf to read because I've seen a lot of presentations with the author and I LOVE the concept)

Day 30: Complete a page in a coloring book.  This can be SO RELAXING!  It doesn't have to be expensive.  Here are some of my favorites:

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