Feb 20, 2019

The Best Shampoo and Conditioner for YOUR Hair

The Best Shampoo and Conditioner for YOUR Hair
I received a set of shampoo and conditioner in exchange for writing a review on the blog.  Although this post is sponsored, all my opinions are my own.

You know how people say "I thought I died and went to heaven" when referring to something amazing?  I kind of thought I would only love my hair when I died and went to heaven.  I always told people that my hair will be different in heaven, because it is FAR from perfect.  

I had so many people, including cosmetologists, tell me to try different shampoos and conditioners that were "the best shampoo and conditioner for your hair".  I would like things about it but there would be a million and one things I didn't like about it.  I always said, "If I was a millionaire then I would pay a chemist to develop a shampoo and conditioner for MY hair.  

Well guess what?!  Sadly, I am not a millionaire....at least not yet.  However, I had my first bottles of shampoo and conditioner made just for me last Fall that cost less than MANY of the other ones I tried previously!  I couldn't believe that I had customized shampoo and conditioner that were developed for me.  It was a dream come true. 

Do you want to hear my real life experiences with it?  No hiding anything.  I will tell you the same thing I told my sister and close friends not all over the internet.  I LOVE it.  HOWEVER, the first ones they made I HATED. 

I can't explain to you how bad I hated them.  I felt terrible because I had heard so many amazing things about everyone else's products.  Everyone I talked to was loving it.  I wanted so badly to love it, but I hated it.

I want to tell you my story about it, because I am that passionate about this story.  I want you to find something that you love for your hair as much as I love Formulate for mine.  Life is too short to not have the best for your self care needs.  Especially if you don't love your hair as much as I didn't love mine.

My Experience

When I first started setting my profile up they had me take a very in depth questionnaire.  It asked things like how thick my hair is (and showed different examples so I could pick the closest match).  It also asked if my hair was thin, course, or in the middle.  It asked where I live so that they could take into account the temperature and the humidity.  It asked how "greasy" my hair is.  They asked these questions and so many more.  Seriously they thought of everything. 

Then I got to choose what 5 hair goals I wanted to have this shampoo and conditioner target.  I chose to target mending split ends, anti frizz, hydration, deep conditioning, and preventing thinning.  There are a lot of choices and I felt like this was the best thing for me at the time.  My biggest complaints were that my roots are always greasy, but from the middle to the ends there is immense frizz.  Also, I got to pick the fragrance I wanted it to be and how strong I wanted the fragrance to be.  I picked Freshly Squeezed at medium strength.

Then I waited for them to put my formula together.  It takes between 5-7 business days.  When I got it I seriously was more excited for the package than I want to admit.  I couldn't wait to try it out.

Then I tried it.  Now let me give you a back story.  I had never used sulfate free shampoo before.  So I was not prepared for the lack of lather that happened.  I tried to push past it, but that was the first thing that made me question the whole thing.  I followed the directions in the package exactly because I wanted to give an accurate review.  It said to use 6 pumps.  So I did.  It felt really heavy.

I tried to rinse it out over and over, but just decided that it was going to feel like that.  Then I used the conditioner from the middle down.  I have been doing that for years so that is nothing new.  Then I got out of the shower and still didn't love the way it felt, but again tried to remain positive and hope that after it was dried it would feel better. 

I dried it and I HATED the way it felt.  It was so weighed down.  I can tell you there was NO FRIZZ so that target was hit, but I didn't like the way it felt so much that I knew I would rather have frizz than have it feel like this.  My husband said he liked the way my hair looked and I told him I hated the way it felt.

So he felt it and immediately said, "It feels like you spread clay in it."  I started laughing and was glad he was able to put words with how it felt.  That is exactly how it felt.  I am not a person to try something once and give up on it.  I wanted to love it so I gave it 4 more shots.  Each time I tried something different.  I would use less product.  I would wash with warmer water.  I would wash with colder water.  I tried everything.

However, I still hated it.  I was devastated.  I felt so bad that I didn't love it as much as everyone else I had talked to.  So I decided to reach out to Formulate.  Do you know why?  Because that is what they said to do.  They were PHENOMENAL.  They said,  "Lets fix it.  We don't get it right the first time all the time.  So lets figure out why you hated it and we will send you new ones."  After talking they had a better idea of what would work and then asked if I wanted to try the same scent.  I decided to change to At Dawn.  Side note: I didn't mind Freshly Squeezed.  It smelled clean, but at times I felt like it smelled too close to a cleaner and so I went with At Dawn instead.

I was so optimistic.  However, I wasn't getting my hopes up.  So I gave them my revisions and waited a bit longer.  When I got my new shipment I was excited once again, but a little reserved.  When I tried it the second time I was more prepared for the lack of lather.  I was so so so happy with the product.

I can't even explain to you how happy I am with the whole experience.  I love the way my hair looks and feels now.  I was beyond surprised with how amazing the customer service was.  I have had more compliments on my hair since I started using Formulate then I have in over 5 years.  I feel the difference as well.  It makes me more confident and my frustration with my hair has diminished.

I am getting ready to get a new formula started for me because now that I have my most frustrating issues taken care of I am going to work on getting my hair longer, manageability (keeping my style maintained throughout the day) and then also more intense oil control at the roots (it is better, but I would like it even better).  I am also going to try the fragrance Burgeon.  I really like At Dawn.  So we will see how I like this one.

I want to say one more thing.  If you have been around here for a bit then you know I like to live a more simple lifestyle.  I do not consider myself a minimalist, but I do live a more minimalist lifestyle.  It is easier for me to feel more peace in my home where there is less stuff.  With that said this product has dropped the amount of product I have to put in my hair.  I used to have to put heat protectant on and detangler right out of the shower.  Formulate has heat protectant in it.  I do apply more protectant on it when I curl my hair the third day after washing.  However, I use way less of that product now.  I also used to have to use Moroccan oil the same day I washed it because of frizz.  Now I don't have to use it until day 3 or sometimes even day 4.

Are you wondering if you have the best shampoo and conditioner for your hair?  Check out this amazing beauty product that makes your hair so healthy.

Your Experience
So now I want you to try it.  I want you to love your hair and your hair care products.  So please give this a shot if you are looking for something better. 

  • If you are a person who uses a heat everyday then I would set one of your hair goals to be heat protectant.  
  • Don't be afraid to tell Formulate if you don't like your formula.  They are just people and sometimes they don't get it right, but they will get it right.  I would say give it about a month to see how your hair fully reacts to the product.  My hair continues to get better the longer I use it.
  • Don't waste more money and time on getting "the best shampoo and conditioner".  Instead let a chemist do the guess work for you and formulate something for YOUR hair. 
  • If you feel like they can't get it right then you can discontinue and get a full refund.  So really there is no risk. 
  • Remember that your hair changes with age.  So as you use Formulate your hair goals might change.  You can change it at any time.
  • The app is SUPER simple to navigate and switch things up. 
  • For a 14 oz set it is $49.  This lasts me around 5 months.  I wash my hair every 4 days. 
  • If you would rather just pay for a starter set they are 4 oz.  They cost $19.95 for the set. 
  • Shipping is always included. 

The Giveaway
I am so excited!  Formulate is giving away a set of shampoo and conditioner to one lucky winner!  So don't wait.  Enter now and hopefully you will be the lucky winner!  Just click on the link to go to my Formulate profile and you can enter there. 

Do you want to know the best part?!  The non-winning entries will all receive a $5 off coupon code!  So once again everyone will win!  


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