Jan 12, 2021

8 Great Parenting Books

8 Great Parenting Books

Are you looking for some great parenting books?  Books that will help with discipline.  Books with parenting/mom tips and hacks.  Books full of parenting advice for both working and stay at home parents.  Books about positive parenting that also share great family activities.  I put together a great list for you. 

I want you to ask yourself these questions:
                1.  Are your kids in a new stage that you don't know how to navigate?  
                2.  Are you looking for small ways to connect with your child?  
                3.  Do you have a child that struggles with anger or maybe anxiety? 
               4.  Are you wondering how in the world you are going to get your kids to get along?  
                5.  Are screens slowly taking over your household?  
                6.  Do you just want your kids to listen, really listen?  
                7.  Do you want to make sure your kids love reading?  

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions then look below at my list of fantastic parenting books.  Some of them might not be for you so read the description and you can pick up which ones speak to you.  I also almost NEVER say to buy a book without reading it first, but these books are different.  These books are books you will turn to all the time.  They are books that you will want to mark up and write down notes.  Like I said before you might not need each of them for you or your family, but if it will help you then make sure to use them.  That is what they are for! 

These links contain affiliate links which means if you purchase after clicking on the link I will receive a very small commission.  I wholeheartedly recommend these books and commission would never sway me to recommend something I do not love.

8 Great Parenting Books
By: Mary Ann Johnson
This book might be my new favorite.  It is the most recent parenting books I read.  I absolutely love the way Mary Ann Johnson gives attainable realistic ways to connect with your child.  I don't really like the work "hack" because it seems like a short cut and I don't like thinking about taking parenting short cuts, but in a way this book is FULL of  parenting or mom "hacks".  They are quick ways to connect with your child.  I absolutely love this book and can't recommend it enough.  

8 Great Parenting Books
By: Michele Kambolis
If you have a child that is easily overwhelmed, stressed a lot, or typically anxious then this is a book you NEED in your home.  We strive to do one or two of the activities in this book a day.  It helps ground my children, especially Hannelore (my oldest) who deals with some intense anxiety. 

8 Great Parenting Books
By Pamela Paul & Maria Russo
I LOVE to read.  Part of being a mom for me is teaching my girls how to love reading as well.  This book has fantastic reading lists to make your way through.  There are so many reading lists depending on age and topic.  Then there is great advice on how to help children love reading for different stages of life. 

8 Great Parenting Books
By: Adele Faber & Elaine Maxlish
I have wrote a whole blog post on this book alone.  It is a must have for everyone's library.  Honestly, I have used some of the techniques found in this book on my husband.  "Communication is key", right?  So why not get some great basics down. 

8 Great Parenting Books
By: Victoria L. Dunckley
You guys!  I cannot recommend this book enough.  I can promise you.  Promise with every fiber of my being that if you try to do the things found in this book that you will see an INCREDIBLE change in your kids.  If you have a child that is melting down more than normal, an anxious child, a child with any "issues" psychologically then this book is a must.  Honestly, I think everyone should try it.  At least once.  Is it easy?  NO, but I can't tell you how worth it it will be.  SO WORTH IT!  There are so many studies in this book done on all types of families.  Families with ADHD children.  Families with mood disorders.  Families with autistic children.  Families that just want to reset and stop being so consumed with the world and technology.  I promise this is such a great book. 

8 Great Parenting Books
By: Ross W. Greene
The title of this book tells it all.  My oldest daughter struggles with some pretty severe anxiety.  This causes her to be explosive at times.  Thankfully it is getting better as she gets older, but it is also getting better because of some amazing conversation techniques found in this book.  It is a different approach to parenting.  It is more cooperative and I love it.  I have friends that have autistic children who have used this book and seen amazing results.  

8 Great Parenting Books
By: Amy McCready
I turn to this book ALL. OF. THE. TIME!  I absolutely LOVE this book.  This one might be my favorite.  Honestly, it is one of the top 3 parenting books in my opinion.  At least of all the books I have read.  

8 Great Parenting Books
By: Dr. Laura Markham
If you follow me on Instagram then the parenting topics that I am currently talking about all stem from this book.  There are so many fantastic resources in this book.  I really do hope to raise friends for life.  My girls will need each other in this crazy world and I am so grateful for this book to help guide me.  Sometimes siblings get along great, but mine are polar opposites and with my oldest having anxiety sometimes that is hard, but things are looking up and I thank this book in part for that. 

Parenting books that are on my "To-Read" list

8 Great Parenting Books



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