About Me

Hey!  My name is Shambray.  If you clicked on this page then you want to know more about me.  So here you go! 

What you need to know about me:
I am married to an absolutely phenomenal man, who was my high school sweetheart and who I love with all my heart.  We have 2 daughters that bring so much joy into our lives and makes us laugh daily.  I am strong in my faith and I feel so much love from my Savior on a daily basis through all the amazing blessings he has blessed me with.  

Why I started blogging:
I started this blog to help inspire others the way I have been inspired by blogs.  My main focus is to show the average women that she cannot be everything to everyone.  We as women often try and wear too many "hats", while only having one head to put them on.  I was reading the book “Caps for Sale” to my daughter and the picture below made me laugh, because we as women try and do that every day.  We try and balance as many hats on our one head. 


There are all sorts of hats that we try and fit on our head: perfect wife, excellent mother, daughter, sister, chef, organizer, makeup artist, interior designer, fashionista, cosmetologist, party thrower (make that magazine worthy too!), maid, amazing gift giver, budgeter, book club lover, and PTA President.  While we are carrying all those hats on our one head we don’t dare be negative, because no one wants to be around a negative person.  So we have to remain positive. 

Okay.  So you see where I am going with this.  I have been there.  I have tried to be it all.  AND!  I failed.  I crumbled and I cried.  So along that road I have learned a few lessons.  But the biggest lesson of all is that it is impossible to carry all those hats.  You need to choose what makes you happy.  What makes you tick.  That is what you need to focus on and build from there.  You might have to have macaroni and cheese one night because you had a PTA meeting that day and tomorrow you are putting on a big church party.  That does not make you a terrible mother or wife.  It makes you human and perfect in every way!  

What to expect from this blog:
So this blog is for the woman who can relate to these experiences.  The experience of feeling guilt or of feeling less than.  I dare say that we have all be there at some point.  However, I want to help others...and myself along the way.  I want us all to live the happiest life we can possibly live, while keeping it simple.  A happy, yet simple life.  

You will notice as you read this blog that I write about many different topics.  I do that because I have many different passions.  With that said...I know I can not do everything perfectly.  I know that I cannot be everywhere at once.  So I have to pick and choose what passion I want to focus on.  Each day is a new adventure.  Some of you might not like the fashion posts while others might not like the DIY posts.  However, I think everyone will find something that they like on this blog.

I love feedback and if you know of a way to do something better than how I do something then PLEASE feel free to share.  I want to get to know my readers (YOU) better.  What better way to do that than to hear your expertise?!  

Where to start:
You can really start where ever you want.  I really thought long and hard about starting a blog.  I am a planner (and a bit of a perfectionist) and so I wanted it to be right.  Read about that here

I have a navigation bar at the top to help you find the type of posts that interest you.  "Beautiful You" is all about taking care of yourself.  "DIY/Decor" is where you will find how to make your house more a home and how to make those crafts that are simple and fun.  "Happy Life" is all about the things in my life that make me happy.  I would dare say the happiest...my child, the love of my life and my Savior.  Oh and my love for books...I can't forget that.  "Special Times" is where you will find resources for all the "special times" in your life.  Resources like gifts ideas, simple party ideas, and  holiday or seasonal ideas.  Home Management is not the most fun category, but it sure makes all our lives easier.  Here you will find posts about cleaning, organizing, budgeting, and meal planning.  Last, but not least is my contributors tab!  My contributors are amazing.  They each will post once a month and they make this blog fun.  They make it more like a home because every home has friends that visit, right?

Every category has sub categories to make it even easier to find what you are looking for.  However, if you still can not find something then I also have a search bar on the side.  I hope you stay awhile and I hope you enjoy your stay while you are here!  

Contact me at: support@shambray.com

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