Have a Necklace You Can Be Proud Of2

Have a Necklace You Can Be Proud Of
The other necklace I got says, "expect miracles".  This one was picked for a very personal reason.  I have talked about it on here briefly and I actually have a blog post in the works all about it.  And that is post-partum anxiety/depression.  You guys it is such a real thing and it is AWFUL! 

I tend to be an anxious person anyways, but babies, yikes they throw me off for awhile.  I tend to dramatize EVERYTHING.  I also think the worst is going to happen to me and/or my family.  If I start getting sick or have a pain in regards to my body somewhere my mind starts going haywire.  Instead of it just being something that happens to everyone I think it is something that will more than likely kill me.  In most situations I think it is cancer.  

Ok.  So don't laugh at me.  I know it is irrational, but unfortunately it is something I deal with and it is a scary way to live.  It is really sad to step back when I have gone through an episode and see everything that I missed because I was so fixated on something that MIGHT happen.  

So back to the reason I got this necklace.  I love this necklace because it is so inspiring to me.  It is a way to remind myself that miracles happen on a daily basis to me.  My life itself is a huge miracle.  I need to expect miracles and search for them.  This one necklace has helped me through the start of some possible meltdowns.  If I can catch it early then I usually can get through it much better/faster. 

My number one way to help myself expect miracles is through reading and writing.  If I read about miracles that have happened in today's world and also in the past then it shows me that they really do happen.  They don't have to be grand, because a miracle is a miracle.  I read about both huge miracles and smaller miracles.  It is so inspiring to read about them.  

Then the next thing I do is to write down the miracles I have each day.  Some may call these tender mercies, but whatever you want to call them it really helps to write them down.  To see them in my mind and to replay the great miracles that happen all around me every single day.
Have a Necklace You Can Be Proud Of
So now I want to hear from you!  What word, phrase, or quote inspires you?  Is there a necklace from Cents Of Style that would remind you of the inspiration that you need daily?  Tell me your story.  Remember half the reason I picked the word inspire was to be inspired by others as well as inspire others myself.  So I want to hear from you! 

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