The Ultimate Gift Guide for a 4 Year Old Girl

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This is one of those gifts that I wait until the last minute to get unless she has been talking about it for months and it has never changed.  Last year that was the case.  This year she seems to be changing all the time.  So I am listening and watching and seeing what it is she truly wants because I want her to LOVE this gift and play with it every day for months to come.  (That is exactly how last years "Want" was.  She still plays with that toy daily.) 

Here are the toys that are on the top of her list.  Starting with her number one (this has actually stayed the same for a month now).
Something you want
Something you want

Something you want
Something you want

This is always a hard one to narrow down to one because I feel like she could always use more panties, maybe a different pair of shoes, a toothbrush, or hair ties.  Really this one I have to think about something that would be very useful, but still fun.  This year I am doing a long sleeved leotard for her ballet class.  
Something you need

I usually get a full outfit.  So either a dress, pants and shirt, or skirt and shirt.  Something from top to bottom.  I haven't got this category yet for this year.  Hannelore is a very girly girl and she LOVES dresses or skirts so it will be one of those.  My favorite places to get outfits for my girls are listed below: 

Santa brings them each a book to unwrap.  This year since Hannelore has learned to read we are giving her another dual reader since they are so fun to read together with her!  
Something to read

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